Me Salva Dessa! (2022)

41mDocumentário, Reality



Dr. Ruby Rose revela o fascinante mundo da medicina de emergência em todo o Texas, como médicos e equipe de apoio tratam uma grande variedade de pacientes que sofrem de lesões excruciantes, infecções com risco de vida e doenças incomuns.


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1Swollen, Infected, Impaled

This Came Out Of Me is an exclusive, all-access, behind the curtain - literally - peek into emergency facilities throughout the Lone Star State.

2The Pain Threshold

Dr. Ruby Rose and her emergency medical colleagues treat a mangled hand that has received multiple lacerations in a car accident, a painful dental abscess that must drained and a Texas-sized insect that's trapped in a patient's car.

3Bugs, Breaks and Eyeballs

Dr. Ruby Rose and her medical colleagues encounter emergency situations that require a delicate touch, including removing a shard of metal from an eyeball, extracting an insect lodged in a boy's ear and a forearm with multiple fractures.

4Mysteries in the ER

A behind-the-scenes look inside the world of emergency medicine in the Lone Star State, where Dr. Ruby Rose and other skilled physicians resolve Texas-sized medical emergencies.