Megalo Box (2018)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Drama

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A história acompanha um lutador em torneios do submundo, onde os lutadores usam tecnologia para se aprimorar.


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1Apparitions hum the requiem

Years after his victory at Megalonia, Joe has become a completely different man, going from one underground ring to another, now fighting as the wandering boxer Nomad.

1Buy or Die?

In the run-down slums of a futuristic city, the boxer only known as Junk Dog is making a living throwing fights for the mob in underground arenas. That all changes when he has a chance encounter with the champion, Yuri.

2Despair brings courage to the cowardly

Joe gets his motorcycle stolen by a boy named Mio and ends up at a settlement for immigrants where he runs into Chief again.

2The Man Only Dies Once

Yuri has sought Junk Dog out to test his mettle in the ring, and their encounter will leave the underground fighter a changed man.

3If you desire the illness of root rot then do not cover the drainage hole of the pot

Joe helps Chief get ready to fight in the upcoming tournament while dealing with is own demons.

3Gear Is Dead

Nanbu and Joe are preparing for their first official match, but in order to do that, they'll need to find a decent set of Gear first. While searching, they run into a group of orphan boys, thieving their way through life.

4Love cannot be lost if a flower of the soul blooms

Chief fights in the last match of the tournament. Will he be victorious?

4Let's Dance with Death

JD faces off against his first opponent, hothead Shark ‘Maneater’ Samejima, with a revolutionary gimmick that will take the rest of the boxing world by storm!

5Promised land answered that there is no messiah

Joe heads back home to face his past.

5The Man from Death

When JD receives a fight request from a top tier Megalo Boxer, Team Nowhere can’t believe their luck. But when the boxer in question is revealed to be an old acquaintance of Nanbu, he is forced to come to terms with some past demons he’d thought he’d long since buried.

6Though you admit yourself to be powerless, still God offers his image to be stepped on

Sachio ends up injuring a Megalo-boxer after they caused trouble at Bonjiri's shop. In retaliation, the Megalo-boxer comes back and trashes the place and steals the deed to the shop.

6Until the Last Dog Dies

Aragaki is a formidable fighter who aims to destroy Joe at the watchful eye of Nanbu, but Joe will not give up and will follow the teachings of his coach until the end

7The Fool that the card signifies is not a halfwit jester

Liu finds out Joe is back in town and asks him to be his sparring partner. Mac Rosario had once lost everything, but made a miraculous comeback as the local hero.

7The Road to Death

There's one month until Megalonia begins, and it looks like Shirato Yukiko's brother, Mikio, is a lock for the final entrant into the tournament. Will Joe and Team Nowhere find a way to secure their spot in the Megalo Box championship tournament?

8No Início do Fim, o Caminho do Arco-íris Desenha um Arco

Mac e Liu finalmente se enfrentam no ringue. Maya vai conversar com Sakuma após achar que Mac está agindo de forma estranha.

8Deadline of the Dream

Shirato Mikio has forced Team Nowhere to forfeit a match by threatening to expose Joe and Nanbu's seedy past. Will their dream of making it into the Megalonia tournament ever come true?

9Uma Só Mão Não é Suficiente Para Viver, Mas Ainda Assim a Vida Prevalece

Joe continua tentando reconstruir a Academia Lugar Nenhum e Yukiko tem algumas perguntas para Sakuma em relação ao SCC.

9A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom

It's man vs machine, as "Gearless" Joe squares off against Shirato Mikio, who is guided by Ace, an artificial intelligence of his own design.

10Past defeat is with the omen of good fortune

The executives don't like Yukiko's decision to possibly end the company's partnership with ROSCO. Meanwhile, Joe and Sachio settle things once and for all.

10The Die Is Cast

Crime boss Fujimaki has decided that Team Nowhere needs to throw their opening match in Megalonia in order to repay their debt to him. Can the team survive this blow to their ambitions? And even if they do, and Joe wins, will they survive the gangster's wrath?

11When removing the armor that cannot be taken off, the seed of fortune and misfortune sprout

It's decided that Mac and Joe will get into the ring together, but Mac finds out something shocking from Maya...

11A Deadmarch

Joe faces off against the bloody lion, Glen Burroughs. If he wants his friends to live, he'll have to throw the match. After coming this far... is there nothing else Team Nowhere can do?

12You can't erase the voice of the voiceless even after the applauds end

Mac falls into despair when he finds out the truth and encounters a familiar face from his past.

12Leap Over the Edge of Death

Inspired by Joe's meteoric rise, and wanting to face him in a fair fight, Yuri makes a decision that will change everything for himself and Yukiko.

13Those with wings carry the wingless, Those without wings bless those with wings

Joe and Mac head into the ring to have their legendary match.

13Born to Die

Joe has risen to the top and finally gets his chance of a rematch with Yuri. Yuri himself also feels joy in his chance to fight with Joe. The final battle begins!