Mekakucity Actors (2014)

25mAnimação, Comédia, Romance



Kisaragi Shintaro, um recluso que não sai de sua casa por dois anos, estava vivendo sua vida normalmente até que encontrou uma garota virtual chamada Ene, que apareceu na tela do seu computador quando alguém anonimo o enviou um misterioso email. Certo dia, Ene causa problemas no computador de Shintaro o que o faz sair de casa pela primeira vez em dois anos.


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1Artificial Enemy

Shintaro Kisatagi is NEET who rarely leaves his house and only interacts with a cyber girl named Ene. When his keyboard gets damaged, he reluctantly goes to buy a new one only to get caught in a terrorist attack.

2Kisaragi Attention

In the past, Shintaro's sister Momo was a pop singer who led a difficult life due to being a student and an idol. In danger of failing, Momo reflects on her life and her odd ability to attract attention.

3Blindfold Code

Tsubomi Kido tells Momo that she has supernatural abilities, which is why she attracts attention. Taking her to meet others with powers, they offer to train her so that she may control her abilities.

4Heat Haze Daze

A boy named Hibiya Amamiya has a crush on his friend Hiyori Asahina, despite her cold attitude. That all changes on August 15th, as Hibiya seems to be caught in a loop where Hiyori dies over and over due to a black cat.

5Kaien Panzermast

Shintaro is welcomed as a member of the Blindfold Gang along with Ene, much to his dismay. When they visit the grave of their dead founder, Shintaro breaks away and encounters Konoha.

6Headphone Actor

In a flashback, two students decided to make a shooting game as part of a school project. When someone tests the game and they do exceptionally well, it is clear that cheating is involved. Or is it?

7Konoha's State of the World

Still in the past, Takane rushes to the hospital to tell Haruka she loves him, only to die herself. Being reborn as Ene, she attempts to talk with Kano while the rest of the gang go to help Shintaro.

8Lost Time Memory

The group meets up, with Shintaro explaining the odd situation with Hibiya and how he is manifesting a power. A search begins as Kido explains everyone in the group got their powers in a near death experience involving a strange void.

9Ayano's Theory of Happiness

In the past, Ayano took in children with odd powers in the hope she could help them control them. When she examines notes left by her mother, she learns a clue to the powers' origins and of a "snake."

10Fantasy Forest

Once, a woman named Azami was attacked by believing her to be a monster. She abandoned her family to protect them, but her powers passed to her daughter and then to Marry. A tragic Incident then occurs.

11Moon Viewing Recital

Shintaro learns about the true nature of his powers and cannot bear it. Kano recalls when Ayano made a choice involving the snake wielders. However, the snake will not abandon its plan.

12Summertime Record

The group attempts to escape and unite at a lab. The snake reveals the world is fantasy and that it will be resurrected again and again. As the cycle gets ready to start anew, the gang makes one last attempt to stop it.