Melancholia (2021)

1h 6mDorama, Drama



Um escândalo sexual entre uma professora de matemática e um aluno de uma prestigiada escola secundária terminou em tragédia. 4 anos depois, eles se encontram novamente, agora como adultos, para revelar as corrupções na escola e recuperar a reputação de professora.


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1Fermat’s Last Theorem

At Asung High, Yoon Su’s new workplace, she gives a tricky question for students who want to join the math club. While no one in the class got the question right, a correct answer sheet is posted on the board outside the classroom. To find out who did it, Yoon Su provokes them and manages to find who it is.

2Baek Min Jae

Yoon Su finds out that Seung Yoo solved the question. But he tries to keep a distance from her, saying he doesn’t like math. Yoon Su gives him another math problem, and the problem allows them to connect and communicate. Meanwhile, a math competition is held at Asung High to select the rep student to participate in the International Mathematics Olympics.

3Infinite and Finite

Seung Yoo participates in the math competition and is picked to represent Asung High along with Ye Rin. The result shocks everyone who thought Seung Yoo had no talent in math except for Ye Rin who knows that Seung Yoo is a math genius. Meanwhile, the parents of other students and Ms. Noh aren’t happy with how Yoon Su runs her math class and club.

4The Ten-Year-Old Genius

Seung Yoo and Ye Rin prepare in earnest for the Math Olympics. Jung Ah and Min Jun teach Ye Rin the means to win, and Yoon Su finds out about the corruption in the competition. However, Yoon Su goes to Jeju Island with Seung Yoo to help him with the contest. On the same day, Ye Rin arrives at Jeju Island for internship activities for the competition.

5Faulty Brakes

After the Math Olympics, Seung Yoo opens up and tells Yoon Su the traumatic experience he had bottled up inside of him for a long time. Yoon Su comforts him and sympathizes with Seung Yoo's pain. However, Sung Jae witnesses the moment and gets overwhelmed with a strange feeling. Meanwhile, suspicions that Ye Rin got preferential consideration for the competition to become an issue.

6The Midterms

Yoon Su gets overwhelmed with mixed and complex emotions after hearing Seung Yoo profess his love for her. Gyu Yeung notices Seung Yoo's love for Yoon Su and uses it to blackmail him. Meanwhile, Yu Hye Mi takes things into her hands for the midterms Ye Rin is about to face. However, Yoon Su finds something suspicious in Ye Rin's midterm answer sheet.

7Seung Yoo Returns

After four years, Seung Yoo has now become a renowned mathematician, and he returns to look for traces of Yoon Su who has disappeared after the incident in 2017. Meanwhile, Principal Noh Jung Ah of Asung High School of Math and Arts proposes an offer to Seung Yoo, and Seung Yoo responds with another offer.

8Seung Yoo’s Project

Now that he has reunited with Yoon Su, Seung Yoo tries to get close to her again. Noh Jung Ah, who doesn't know that Yoon Su has become an elite instructor at an academy, asks the academy for the guidance of her daughter, Ji Na. Meanwhile, Sung Jae appears in front of Seung Yoo and Yoon Su, who are together.

9Unlocking Yoon Su’s Heart

Seung Yoo tries to bring Yoon Su out into the world from her rut by getting close to her heart, just the way she helped him. Meanwhile, Yoon Su keeps her identity hidden while collecting evidence of Noh Jung Ah's corruption. However, when Yoon Su's identity is in danger of getting exposed, Seung Yoo stands in front of her.

10The Audit

For the first time, Yoon Su reveals to Seung Yoo her pain and suffering. Seung Yoo discovers the person behind their love scandal and proposes they stand together and fight. Meanwhile, Ye Rin ends up witnessing a surprising fact and rushes to Noh Jung Ah to tell her about it.

11Face to Face at Last

Yoon Su starts to smile little by little thanks to Seung Yoo, and the two of them have an enjoyable and memorable time together. Meanwhile, Noh Jung Ah, who is furious at Yoon Su for targeting her, decides to get in the way of Si An, the one student Yoon Su cherishes. Yoon Su notices the provocation and resolves to face her.

12Flawed Premise

Seung Yoo announces that he was the student involved in the teacher-student love scandal at Asung High and shocks everyone that it was all a setup. Yoon Su doesn't want to jeopardize Seung Yoo any longer and prepares to disclose information on Noh Jung Ah. Meanwhile, Ye Rin explodes all her emotions onto Seung Yoo, who only has his eyes on Yoon Su.

13A Place Of Warmth

Seung Yoo understands the error in the premise and Yoon Su deeply. He becomes frustrated because his love for Yoon Su obstructs any means of proving Yoon Su's innocence. To comfort him, Yoon Su takes him to a place of warmth and healing. They escape the people's attention and prejudice as they spend time together. Meanwhile, Noh Jung Ah gets faced with a crisis from every direction.

14Asung’s New Director

Seung Yoo and Yoon Su finally reveal the truth behind the scandal that happened in their past. While Noh Jung Ah puts forward a scapegoat after getting cornered, Ye Rin begins to crumble in her anxiety and despair. Meanwhile, Yoon Su, who now can smile like Seung Yoo always wanted, chooses to be in the position to protect Seung Yoo.

15Ji Na’s Guilt

Yoon Su and Seung Yoo hold hands for Si An, supporting, relying on, and moving together. In the end, they get close to exposing that Si An's condition was the cause of what went behind the Global Talent Class, the special textbook, and the corruption at Asung Academy. And to destroy Noh Jung Ah's Asung kingdom, Yoon Su and Seung Yoo begin to persuade people to tell the truth.