Melodia de Esperança (2020)

1hDorama, Comédia, Drama

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Depois de perder tudo, uma pianista chega a uma cidadezinha onde descobre esperança, amor, amizade e um novo lar.


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1Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

It's Gu Ra-ra's big day. Sunwoo Jun catches her off-guard with a memorable first encounter, moments before her world comes crashing down.

2Pianist Patient

Jun finds himself unable to leave Ra-ra's side after she leans on him for support. Cha Eun-seok becomes curious about Jun and protective of Ra-ra.

3Da Capo

Ra-ra starts again from scratch with the help of old dreams and new neighbors. As Eun-seok gazes from afar, Jun looks out for Ra-ra day and night.

4LaLa Piano Land

With the help of generous supporters, La La Piano Land opens its doors. Jun and Eun-seok vie for a spot in Ra-ra's heart and on her piano bench.

5Night and Dreams

Jun slowly opens up to Ra-ra, who warmly embraces his sadness. Eun-seok is surprised to learn about Jun's true identity.

6Secrets and Lies

The traumatic incident behind Jun's secretive life is revealed. A mischievous salon customer joins La La Piano Land as an overzealous student.

7You Are So Special

Jun’s mom gets closer to his whereabouts. After anonymously holding Ra-ra’s hand through dark times, Eun-seok makes a move in real life.

8Pleasure of Love

Ra-ra and Jun get honest about their feelings. La La Piano Land piques the interest of more out-of-town visitors.

9The Night of Thunder

The townspeople become increasingly wary of An Jung-ho. On the day of the piano competition, he wreaks havoc on Ra-ra's life.

10Who Are You?

The kidnapping ends with one man in handcuffs and two people on stretchers. Jun is faced with an inescapable reunion and farewell.


Jin Ha-yeong and Lee Seung-gi venture to Seoul to rescue Jun. Ra-ra holds a recital for Kim Man-bok to perform a song in loving memory of his wife.


Cho Yun-sil asks Ra-ra for her cooperation as Jun works hard to get his academic life back on track. A new couple walks down the aisle.

13Romance Without Words

Jun's blunder helps promote Ha-yeong and Seung-gi's small business. Ra-ra belatedly learns the identity of the piano donor.

14A Furtive Tear

Reconnecting with a friend from the past, Jun makes sudden changes to the present. Seung-gi fulfills his childhood wish.


Ra-ra finally remembers her first encounter with Jun. Jun tells a white lie before departing on a nerve-wracking journey.