Minha Babá é Uma Vampira (2011)

25mComédia, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mistério, Kids, Família

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O adolescente Ethan tem uma linda babá e os meninos acham isso o máximo. O único problema é que Sarah é metade vampira e vive em um mundo de batalhas contra criaturas sobrenaturais de seus pesadelos a fim de salvar a cidade dos vampiros.


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1Welcome Back Dusker

As a new school year begins, Ethan and his pals haven't seen Sarah since her dramatic transformation into a full vampire months earlier. She finally reappears on the scene, ready to 'move ahead' with her life and her education, almost as if nothing had happened. Is it a coincidence that numerous vampires are being mysteriously attacked at the same time? The Council begins to suspect that either Ethan or Sarah is to blame, and they must clear their names if they want to survive. Meanwhile, a desperate former Dusk actor appears in town seeking publicity, and instead gets too much information about the Real Vampires of Whitechapel thanks to his number one fan, Erica.

1Lawn of the Dead

When Benny wants to impress a girl at school, he does what any boy with a spellbook would do: he resurrects her dead dog, Puffles. But Benny uses a little too much potion, and Puffles isn't the only animal buried in that yard.

2Three Cheers for Evil

Erica and Sarah join the Whitechapel Devils cheerleading squad. Worried about what Erica may do, Ethan and Benny have to go "undercover" to stop her. But there may be more happening with the cheer squad than anyone thinks.

2Say You'll Be Maztak

When Mr. G unearths a mysterious crystal skull from his garden and brings it to school, he inadvertently summons an ancient Mayan Sky Queen who takes over his classroom. She entrances all the males in the school to help her prepare for a ritual that will unite her with the Sun King and end the world. At first jealous, Sarah and Erica soon realize it's up to them to save the school – and the planet – from the Queen's apocryphal plans. They ask themselves what Ethan and Benny would do and, with Grandma's help, make a plan to block the sun, channel the moon, and save the day.

3Blood Drive

The nurses of Red Rider blood donations sink their needles into Whitechapel High. All that blood is huge temptation for Sarah - and a prize for Erica and Rory. Ethan and Benny have to keep everyone away from that blood.

3Fanged and Furious

When Ethan finally gets his learner's permit, he gets an old, rusty jalopy from a garage sale. Just his luck, it turns out the car is possessed by a bloodsucking backseat driver from beyond the grave! When the car starts attacking random people with Ethan behind the wheel, he has to figure out why, and stop it in its tracks - or forever be labeled a terrible driver. And go to prison for vehicular manslaughter!

4Guys and Dolls

The gang is shocked to discover that a child's doll actually turns into an evil human-eating monster.


When the town's water pressure mysteriously drops and two teens go missing – one from a pool and another from a school washroom – the gang begins to suspect something fishy's going on in Whitechapel…or is it something alligator-y? Rory confesses to flushing two baby alligators during last year's locker search at the same time that Benny flushed one of his magic potions. When Erica is attacked at the school car wash, they realize they're now battling two very angry alligators AND their evil mutant mega spawn. And the citizens of Whitechaple are about to be the gators' next meal!

5Double Negative

The yearbook team is coming up with ideas for this year's yearbook photos and decide to use an old camera that Benny sold them. Unbeknownst to Benny, Ethan and the yearbook team, the camera is a magic camera; it creates an evil clone of who evers photo is taken with the camera. The yearbook captain, Hannah, takes a photo with the camera, bringing out her evil clone, who goes around being heartlessly mean to the students, especially Ethan. When her evil clone grabs Ethan's hair, he has a vision and realizes what happened. Meanwhile, Benny takes a photo of himself with the camera to get revenge from the yearbook captain for rejecting his and Ethan's yearbook ideas. Benny's evil clone is then created from the photo. Once Ethan and Benny realize that Benny has an evil twin, they turn to Benny's grandma for help. She explains that the camera brings out the negative side of one's soul, once the photo is developed, and that negative side becomes a separate person--their twin. To destroy these clones, they must destroy the negatives. Benny and Ethan race to stop the evil Hannah from using the camera to take the class photo. Ethan manages to destroy all the negatives. Benny wrestles with his evil clone in the bathroom and destroys him just in time and all the clones that were created from the camera vanish.


When Whitechapel High first put on a production of The Rainbow Factory, the star was tragically crushed on stage in a prank gone wrong. Twenty-five years later, the play is back, and Ethan and the gang have to handle a ghost with a thirst for revenge. Controlling Erica through a haunted dressing room mirror, the spiteful spirit attempts to bring the house down on opening night.

6Friday Night Frights

Ethan tries out for the football team after he is visited by the ghost of the former Whitechapel High football coach.

6Village of the Darned

During the annual cookie drive for Jane's youth troop, a creepy, otherworldly Troop Leader conspires to rid the town of all adults, and lure the kids to its Eternal Playground. With all the grownups gone, Ethan and the gang have to take charge and stop the beast before Jane is lost forever, and the vampires – especially Sarah and Erica – get hungry enough to start preying on the young...

7Smells Like Trouble

Benny creates a love potion that affects Erica and Sarah. Ethan then finds a spell to reverse the love potion, but when he finds out that the love potion caused Sarah to have a crush on him, he decides to leave the reverse potion for later. However, things don't go exactly as planned.

7Hottie Ho-Tep

If a mummy following Benny home from a museum isn't bad enough, what about the mummy being revived as 'Hottie Ho Tep', a suave Egyptian prince, who shows up at school to charm Sarah? Ethan and Benny have no choice but to let the crush play itself out while they devise a plan to get Mr. Bandages back into his sarcophagus. But things take a twist when they realize the newly resurrected 'Hottie' plans to take Sarah back with him to the underworld. And there's no return ticket!

8Die Pod

Some sort of iPod has turned everyone into monsters based on who listens to it.

8Independence Daze

After Ethan, Benny and Sarah all boast about being able to handle their adventures on their own, Benny's Grandma sits them down for a serious talking-to. Something dark and sinister is on the horizon, and to handle it, they'll have to work together as a team. After they brush off Grandma's 'old school' advice, each of them wakes up alone - trapped in their own universe, with only their fears to keep them company. They have to devise a strategy together to break free, and most importantly, escape the fearsome hooded figure watching them from the shadows.

9Blue Moon

The guys try to prove that their friend is a werewolf.

9Siren Song

Ethan and Benny discover that a local singing sensation may have a voice like an angel, but in reality she's a Siren - a mythical creature whose song brings out the self-destructive worst in anyone who hears it. They have to team up with Sarah, Erica and DJ Rory Megabat to form a band, and blow her off the stage at the school talent show.

10Doug the Vampire Hunter

A vampire hunter stalks Sarah.


The school hockey team has a new star player. His name is Boltz and he has the strongest arms, legs and hands in the league. Unfortunately, it turns out they were all stolen from different people. It's just Sarah's luck that the Vampire Council suspects her of stealing those body parts for her next meal. She's going to be in big trouble if she can't find the real grave robber and prove that she isn't craving rotting corpse blood! Meanwhile, this Frankenstein-jock only needs one more body part to make him the greatest hockey player of all time: Ethan's brain!

11The Brewed

A spell monster tries to destroy everything in its path.


Ethan's nerd-fest Halloween party takes a turn for the dangerous when Rory's magical mask transforms guests into the real-life versions of their costumes. Ethan, Benny and Sarah have until midnight to reverse the spell, or the transformations will be permanent. Sounds easy enough... until they realize that their party guests now include an insane supercomputer, a gorilla, a half-dolphin ninja, and Erica - who just wants peace and quiet to practice a 'traditional' True Vampire Halloween. Oh… and Ethan's Mom comes home early from her own party, with a witch costume that's very convincing…

12Three Geeks and a Demon

Ethan, Benny, and Rory summon a Demon that takes over Sarah's body turning her into a crazy goth vampire that loves human blood.

12The Date to End All Dates (1)

The Vampire Council has been raided, and the intruder is looking for something called the Lucifractor. But Ethan has more important things to worry about - his first date with Sarah! Lucky for him, Benny and Rory step up to handle the vampire adventuring on their own, while Ethan plans the perfect dinner with the girl of his dreams. But their evening is interrupted by a blast from Sarah's romantic past and Ethan learns the terrible history of the Lucifractor - a fearsome weapon that could wipe out every vampire in Whitechapel. The good news? Benny and Rory are on it. The bad news? It's Benny and Rory...


Jesse is awakened from the dead and returns from the grave to get Sarah back but she refuses. Ethan and Benny prepare to destroy Jesse again. On the night of their high school dance, they arm themselves with weapons and try to fight off Jesse but Jesse bites Ethan.Then Jesse runs away. Sarah has a choice: save Ethan (which will in turn her into a full vampire) or let him become a fledgling. Sarah saves Ethan by sucking the venom out of his blood. Back at home, Benny's grandmother tells an injured and resting Ethan that he is still fully human. Ethan however feels terrible about what Sarah had to do--now she has no hope of ever becoming human again. Outside, Erica lets Sarah know that they are now best friends forever (literally) and that she will always be there for Sarah. Sarah seemingly accepts what she is and she, Erica and Rory fly away to their after-party.

13The Date to End All Dates (2)

While trying to recover the fearsome Lucifractor, Ethan and Benny learn the truth about what - and whom - they're up against. Ethan must face his worst fears - literally - and his only hope is to trust in his connection to his friends, and harness his growing psychic abilities. With the lives of every vampire in town at risk, the Council flees - taking a few unexpected guests along for the ride, and Ethan must ask an old friend, and an even older enemy, to return and lend a hand. The battle is on to take control of Whitechapel, and – fangs or not – nobody is safe.