Montanha Mortal (2018)

50mDocumentário, Crime



Situado no norte do condado de São Francisco e perto da fronteira com o Oregon, um local de incrível beleza natural e segredo obscuro, onde a maconha se tornou a indústria local dominante. É também um lugar onde dezenas de pessoas desapareceram nos últimos anos - mais do que qualquer outro município da Califórnia.


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1The Redwood Curtain

Seeking a different kind of life, Garret Rodriguez comes to infamous Humboldt County, where the marijuana business is anything but mellow.

2Paradise Lost

As Humboldt growers explain how legalization impacts their livelihoods, Garret's father -- disheartened by the cops -- hires a private detective.

3Frontier Justice

Investigators get a lead into Garret's disappearance. Residents of Murder Mountain take the law into their own hands. A grower has growing pains.

4The Alderpoint 8

As the story of their exploits spreads beyond Murder Mountain, the Alderpoint 8 are seen as heroes by some and targets by others.

5Breaking Point

The case stalls, leading to frustration around Humboldt. Later, a case of mistaken identity turns tragic on Murder Mountain.

6The Last Outlaws

Garret's father visits Humboldt to thank one of his heroes. Law enforcement goes after illegal growers. Investigators track down an alleged witness.