More Than Friends (2020)

1h 10mDorama, Drama

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Due to a misunderstanding, Lee Soo and Kyung Woo Yeon have held a crush on each other for over 10 years.


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Gyeong Woo Yeon met her first love, Lee Soo, in high school. Soo always helped Woo Yeon whenever she was in trouble and was sweet to her. One day, before Woo Yeon had a chance to ask him out, he told her that he’s leaving to study in the US. Ten years later, Soo returns to Korea and meets Woo Yeon.


Years after getting rejected by Soo, Woo Yeon runs into Soo. Just like that, three years fly by after getting rejected for the second time. While taking a break from the world, Woo Yeon runs into Soo again, and this time she runs away. Despaired by the same old Soo, she realizes that she should now let go of her feelings for Soo by lifting the curse.


Woo Yeon thinks she’s done with Soo, but she keeps running into him. Joon Soo gives Woo Yeon a chance to work as a calligraphist at a book signi…


Woo Yeon and Soo get to work together on a photo book with calligraphy project with Eunyoo Publication. Soo suggests that he and Woo Yeon s…


Joon Soo repeatedly expresses his feelings for Woo Yeon. When she rejects him, telling him that she doesn't want to be in any bad relationship, he sug…


Joon Soo confesses his feeling to Woo Yeon once again but gives her time to think about it. However, she does agree to watch a musical with him.


Misunderstandings and missed timings prevent friends from confessing their romantic feelings for one another for over 10 years.


Soo tells Woo Yeon that he’s sorry for hurting her feelings. Joon Soo warns Soo to stay as Woo Yeon’s friend. But later, Woo Yeon finds out that Soo got into an accident on his way to meet her on her birthday. Meanwhile, Jin Joo gets exhilarated after a young, clever, and intelligent guy asks Jin Joo for a date.


Woo Yeon tells Soo that she wants to stay as friends and that it’s already too late. Soo doesn’t give up and tries to express his feelings every chance he gets. Meanwhile, Joon Soo runs into Soo who provokes him, and they end up fighting on the street.


Even though Woo Yeon refuses to hear him out, Soo doesn’t stop. He keeps showing up to apologize. When Soo goes to the bubble tea cafe to apologize again, he gets hurt in Woo Yeon’s place. Using that as an excuse, Soo takes Woo Yeon on a trip to Jumunjin.


Woo Yeon and Soo go on their first date, and they can’t keep away from each other. As if they’re trying to make up for the times they missed, they try all sorts of dates. Meanwhile, Hyun Jae’s mom asks Young Hee to stop seeing him.


Woo Yeon feels slightly bothered by Soo’s friend Yu Ra but tries to act cool about it in front of Soo. Soo gets a job offer from an airline, but he turns it down to stay close to Woo Yeon. However, he still wants to go. Meanwhile, Yu Ra asks Woo Yeon to hang out with her.


Woo Yeon and Soo are excited about going on a long trip together, and planning the trip makes them happy. Soo suggests that he’d introduce himself formally to Woo Yeon’s parents. But Woo Yeon receives an offer that will take her a step forward in her career.


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