MTV Floribama Shore (2017)




Oito jovens sulistas dos Estados Unidos decidem passar o verão evitando os problemas e responsabilidades da vida adulta na esperança de encontrarem amor e diversão.


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1Eat, Pray, Party!

Eight young people spend the summer in Panama City Beach in hopes of finding love, cash and close friends.

1Montanabama Shore

When thier yearly vacation at the beach is up-ended by COVID-19, the Floribama crew sets their sights on someplace out-of-the-way and truly exotic, the snow -capped mountains of Montana.

1Thots and Prayers

Half the house is boo’d up, but a wild and crazy first night out in St. Petersburg looks to change all that.

1Psycho ass beach

The roommates head to Panama City Beach for another summer at the shore; when Codi and Gus pull a prank on Kortni, a fight breaks out between all the roommates; everyone rallies for their first night out in PCB.

1Eat, Pray, Party!

Eight young people spend the summer in Panama City Beach in hopes of finding love, cash and close friends.

2Plunger Envy

The gang gets more friendly with each other and beach locals; when a woman tries to infiltrate the group, the ladies of the house start a turf war.

2Puke Rally Relay

The roommates get reacquainted in Montana with their own boozy version of the Olympic Games; Nilsa's pregnancy announcement sends Gus into an emotional tailspin.

2From Mad to Grad

Candace is upset about picking bedrooms and lashes out at Nilsa and Aimee. The roommates come together to throw Aimee an anger management graduation party, and one of them is taken away in an ambulance.

2Dirty But Worth It

The bond between the roommates is slow to gel when harsh words open old wounds between Jeremiah and Codi and another prank puts the house on high alert over toothpaste; Gus has his new playboy attitude on display.

2Plunger Envy

The gang gets more friendly with each other and beach locals; when a woman tries to infiltrate the group, the ladies of the house start a turf war.

3On Thin Ice

Gus confronts Nilsa about about some allegations of cheating; Codi and Candace tell their parents that they are getting married; a weather emergency leaves the Southerners stranded in an unfamiliar environment.

3It’s My Birthday

After fighting with Codi, Candace invites him to lunch to work out their relationship. Jeremiah invites a girl over for a Sunday Funday, as Gus struggles to maintain his long-distance relationship.

3To Hunch or Not to Hunch?

In Nilsa's search for a good guy, she now has her sights set on Gus. Aimee is sick after a night of partying, and it could be more than just a hangover. When the roommates go out to celebrate Gus's birthday, an altercation occurs.

3Dollar Draft Beer People

The battle of the sexes heats up; the housemates find themselves in hot water after blowing off steam in a local bar.

4Dude, Where's My Hair Dryer?

Gus feels isolated when the roommates take Jeremiah's side following the boys' altercation, the southerners enjoy their first-ever snow day and sticky fingers in the bathroom cause a major blow out in the house.

4Tryna Have a Good Time

The roommates try to protect Codi while calming an enraged Gus; Aimee can't help but think the worst when Dillon doesn't pick up his phone; Jeremiah invites a girl over for a Sunday Funday.

4Miss La Vela

Gus' birthday night ends in a disaster when the cops show up to arrest Kirk; the girls plan another surprise party for Gus to make up for his bad night; the roommates come together to support Candace and Nilsa.

4Home Sweet Home to Me

On the heels of a massive bar fight, the housemates become closer as a family. But a mysterious truth about Kayla Jo threatens to drive a wedge between them. Will another bar brawl make them tighter still, or pull them apart once and for all?

5Door Dash

Following his argument with candace, gus runs away from the house, and the roommates rally together to search for him and bring him home safely.

5Old Gussy's Back

Gus brings girls over to the beach house; Nilsa and the other roommates try to figure out how to release Kortni from her tonsil demons.

5More Than a Boo Thang

Candice agrees to join Codi on a date, but after talking to her "boo-thang" back home, she cancels dinner and Codi's excitement shifts to revenge. A new relationship is put to the test when a fight between Kortni and her boyfriend ends in tears.

5Love You Like A Brother

After some harsh words at the bar, the gang comes together to show their strength in numbers. While Candace and Nilsa find guys who could have potential in the future, Aimee struggles to cope with the re-opened wounds of her past.

6All Copacetic

While Gus quarantines, Jeremiah and Codi make a bet with Aimee and kirk, Candace's childhood friend Bethaney comes for a visit, and the roomies enjoy a different vibe in the house.

6Hog Senses

Nilsa brings a new guy home from the bar and Gus gets jealous; Jeremiah tries to diffuse the situation, he finds himself in the middle of it.

6Sex, Lies, and Caution Tape

Summer fun catches up with the roommates as they all start to get sick. Kortni receives some troubling news from her mom that puts her relationship on the line. Candace invites her boo-thang to visit the shore and it puts the whole house on edge

6Princess Goddess Mermaid

As Aimee spirals deeper into despair, the housemates help her recognize her true self-worth. A friendly bet between the guys nearly breaks the house in two.


Candace and Bethany prank Codi, and Gus clears the air with his roommates, but later grows frustrated by unexpected bonds that formed during his absence.

7Bro-ke Up

The epic friendship between Jeremiah and Gus dissolves; the ladies try to separate themselves from the drama.

7Boo-Thang Blues

Candace and Kortni have their hands full trying to manage their relationships both inside and outside the house; GatorJay231SouthsideGod arrives to a beach house practically drowning in drama.

7Drunken Words; Sober Thoughts.

Tension continues to mount until an unexpected death in the family reminds all that life is too short. Soon enough, that lesson is forgotten and petty differences again threaten to blow the house apart.

8Club La Basement

The boys are impressed when the ladies serve up a special Rocky Mountain delicacy no one will ever forget; Aimee's cousin comes to visit, sparking the attention of both Jeremiah and Gus partying at the hottest spot in town -- Club Basement.

8Floribama Pride

Nilsa is attracted to a girl that Jeremiah brings home from the bar; the housemates attend the St. Pete Pride Festival, where they meet up with Gus's old friend Mattie, with whom Jeremiah unexpectedly strikes up a friendship.

8The Faint Blue Line

Featuring the story of eight young adults who come to spend the summer in the beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for a little bit longer.

8Snuggle Puddle

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9Such a Gentleman

As Club Basement winds down, Ally makes a move toward one of the guys. Codi enlists his roommates to recreate a moment of family lore. Kirk sweeps and cleans (and prays for everyone's best behavior) in preparation for his girlfriend Wren's first-ever visit to the vacation house. But his hopes for a peaceful time are dashed when family dinner blows up in unavoidable fashion.

9Check Please

The roommates rally around Aimee as she prepares for her upcoming court date in PCB; Mattie decides to stay at the beach house for a bit longer; a friendly game of dodgeball turns ugly when Gus and Jeremiah come to blows at dinner.

9There's No C in Disease

After breaking up with Logan, Kortni is worried she may be pregnant with his baby. Candace and Kortni continue to struggle with their friendship. Jeremiah has some fun with a hook up.

10Animal Therapy

The roommates struggle to repair their ties after Codi's outburst; Nilsa's pregnancy passes a milestone; the girls make friends with some locals; but an unexpected phone call changes the course of the vacation dramatically.

10Let's See Some Butts!

Codi invites all of the roommates to his parents' house in South Carolina with the hope of squashing a beef; Nilsa heads to Nashville to get closure over the death of a friend and deepens her friendships with Mattie, Aimee and Candace.


The roommates throw Kortni a surprise beach party to celebrate the fact that she’s not pregnant. But Kortni’s mixed emotions about the whole situation reach a boiling point. Candace rethinks her relationship with Gator

11Havasu Heat

The roommates arrive in Arizona, thrilled by the warm weather and the pool-side bar that they have to themselves; things get heated when Gus confesses that he broke his promise to Aimee; Aimee is hurt and has to consider her true feelings for Gus.

11Return Of The Kookapoo

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11Girl, Bye

Everyone goes out to party and take Jeremiah's mind off the death of his grandfather; Nilsa gets drunk and ruins the night, creating a huge fight between her and Aimee; Candace and Kortni plan a girl's trip.

12Butts & Hall's Hangover Cure

Gus is finally ready to put the past behind him; Nilsa's boyfriend won't be coming to visit, but Jeremiah's brother, Josh, will; while the girls take Nilsa out on a boat to cheer her up, the boys prepare themselves for Josh's arrival.

12Free The Chi Chi's

This is the story of eight young adults who spend the summer in the hottest beach town on the Gulf Coast, Panama City Beach, to party it up and put the real world on hold for just a little bit longer. This coming-of-age story captures the very real thrill and angst of being young and trying to figure out the future.

12A Thin Line Between Hunch and Hate

A day at Mermaid Academy promises to bring the girls back together; a surprise gift from Logan makes Kortni second-guess their breakup; while Gus continues to resist Nilsa's advances, he can only stay strong for so long.


The arrival of Josh and Lenns threatens to turn things upside down in Lake Havasu; when Jeremiah pulls them aside for a private talk, Gus' jealous feelings are triggered.

13There's No Pizza In Jail

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13Scorn in the Bayou

When Jeremiah returns to the beach house, the roommates surprise him with a road trip to New Orleans. Candace is forced to face an incident with Gator Jay that she had hoped to keep in the past. Gus and Nilsa's game of cat-and-mouse.

14Welcome to the Peach House

As the roomies head to their vacation house in Athens, Georgia, Aimee and a very pregnant Nilsa bring their pets along, and everyone hopes Gus and Jeremiah can leave the past behind them.

14Bad Day at the Beach

Mattie reconsiders her connection with Jeremiah, and the roommates expect fireworks when they learn Jeremiah's brother Josh is coming to town.

14Reservations for Eight

Everyone is forced to take sides following Aimee's attack on Gus; the boys head out to Bourbon Street to find some young ladies to share the fun on their final night in NOLA; back home in PCB, the factions are reunited.

15Pushing the Limits

The roomies explore their surroundings (including their neighbor's impressive backyard), Aimee tries to come to terms with her breakup, and Gus's adrenaline rush ends in disaster.

15Impubescent Clown

Logan continues to pop-up out-of-the-blue and menace the roommates; Candace contemplates her future with Gator.

16Ta Ta's Up

After an intense evening out, the roommates attempt to pick up the pieces and work on their uncertain relationship issues before saying goodbye for the summer.

16Girl Code Red

Kortni gets some shocking news about Logan; Nilsa plays matchmaker for Aimee; the drama stirs up painful memories.

17Hunch Punch

Gus and Nilsa's hookup sends shockwaves through the house; Kortni decides to lay it all on the line and tell Jeremiah how she feels; Nilsa catches feelings; Gus sets his sights on a group of sorority girls.

18A Whole Lotta Yikes

Aimee pulls out all the stops to help Nilsa get over the fact that Gus brought another girl home; Candace struggles to come up with the right way to tell Gator how she feels; Kortni notices a change in Jeremiah.

19Let's Taco 'Bout It

Everyone is eager to leave the drama in PCB as they board a plane for Mexico, but Kortni brings with her a dark cloud that threatens to dampen the whole trip; Gus and Nilsa are determined to leave Gilsa back home.

20Too Late for Apologies

The party continues in Mexico, but Gus is having trouble staying focused on one woman; Kortni has a breakdown; Jeremiah tests the limits of his endurance; Candace faces her worst fears.

21Not Nothing Physical

After a day of thrills in the Mexican desert, the roommates celebrate their final night in Cabo with a feast on the beach; on the menu are Mixed Signals, Nosy Snoopers and Karmic Just Desserts.

22Meet the Buttses

The roommates head back to PCB, but Nilsa still carries a grudge from the drama of their last night in Cabo, so Kortni has to find a special way to say she's sorry; Codi's parents make a surprise visit.

23You Had Me at Beer

With encouragement from his dad, Codi gets up the nerve to try and push things forward with Candace; Gus struggles with the feelings stirred up by the Butts' arrival; Kortni has a wild night at Ms. Newby's.


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25My Favorite Mistake

Nilsa learns that a mistake from her past may be on his way back to haunt her; with her recent notoriety, Aimee is afraid to be seen out in public around PCB; Candace has to make an early exit from the beach house.

26To Hunch or To Punch?

Nilsa has to juggle a lot of plates as she tries to cope with two ex’s in the house, neither of which she’s totally ready to drop. Aimee seeks the help of a lawyer to cope with her mounting problems. Gus is unsure of his future.