Mushikaburi-hime (2022)

24mAnimação, Drama

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Lady Elianna é uma jovem apaixonada por livros que está em um casamento arranjado com o príncipe Christopher, mesmo não tendo sentimentos por ele.


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1Phony Fiancé

What’s more attractive: a man with a handsome face, or a man who owns a library? The Crown Prince has both, but avid reader Eli prefers books over beauty, no contest!

2One-Woman Show

Eli faces a horrible accusation from the girl the prince has been spending time with! Her fate rests in Christopher’s hands, but will he read the truth behind this plot twist?

3And So the Two...

Eli isn’t the only bookworm in her family. In fact, the bookishness of the Bernsteins is well known to the royal family — and particularly to the Crown Prince.

4The Star Traveler

The Star of Sissel only visits once every three years, and Prince Christopher is determined to accompany Eli to meet this band of nomadic scholars. But mischief is afoot…

5The Treasure of Hers and the Prince

Christopher vividly remembers the day he met Eli, but Eli can’t recall their first meeting. She’ll need to turn back the pages of time to remember that long-ago encounter.

6Hunting Festival and Lonely Official Business

While Christopher attends to far-flung royal duties, Eli must navigate life at the palace by herself. Christopher makes it look effortless. For Eli, it’s anything but easy.

7The Ghost of Eidel

Eli draws attention to herself when she comes to the defense of Lady Anna in the library. And without Christopher, she may have found herself in a ghost story.

8The Flower Guarding Bug and the Praying Messenger

An apparently harmless prank takes a deadly turn when Eli and Lord Irvin find themselves surrounded by unexpected enemies in the darkness of the old castle.

9A Letter From the Pearl Princess

Eli’s marriage to Christopher swiftly approaches, and she still has a lot to learn about the royal family. But will Queen Henrietta’s sage advice do more harm than good?

10Intentions of the Butterflies

Thoughts and emotions in turmoil, Elianna needs to speak with Christopher, but his busy schedule makes it nearly impossible to find the answers she seeks.


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12The Holy Night’s Banquet Where the Butterflies Dance

Christopher and Elianna have withstood pressures immeasurable, but Sharon still has one more tactic up her sleeve that could tear the couple apart.