Mystic Pop-up Bar (2020)

1h 10mDorama, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comédia

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Neste misterioso carrinho de comida noturno administrado por uma mulher igualmente misteriosa e seu funcionário de meio período, os clientes recebem um espaço para descanso e aconselhamento durante seus sonhos. Mas o mais importante, todos aqui são tratados igualmente - vivos ou mortos.


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Weol-ju is intrigued when a tight-lipped customer who refuses to open up about her problems suddenly starts pouring out her heart to Han Kang-bae.


Kang-bae isn't sure he wants to work for Weol-ju. But he does want to help his neighbor, a woman who is plagued by guilt from her past.


Weol-ju attacks a rotten system that's thrown her latest customer into despair. Kang-bae makes contact with an unusual woman.


At an event held in the afterlife, Kang-bae meets a man who's determined to win the prize: lottery ticket numbers for his living descendant.


Weol-ju and Guibanjang chase after a wayward spirit who has a problem moving on. Kang-bae asks Kang Yeo-rin to be his partner for a dance contest.


Kang-bae and Yeo-rin start taking dance lessons. When their instructor reveals a heartbreaking personal struggle, Weol-ju has an idea for a solution.


The appearance of a face from the past dredges up cruel memories for Guibanjang and Weol-ju. Kang-bae saves Yeo-rin from a hurtful situation.


Yeo-rin is mystified when a strange voice begins to prevent her from touching Kang-bae. Weol-ju confronts new truths about Guibanjang.


Following a huge revelation, Weol-ju and Guibanjang take on a final case to resolve, and do everything they can to protect Kang-bae.