Na Direção do Amor (2020)

1h 10mDrama

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Um famoso atleta dá uma guinada na vida e decide correr atrás de seus sonhos depois de conhecer uma tradutora.


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Ki Seon-gyeom notices bruises on Kim Woo-sik's body. Trying to get back into her professor's good graces, Oh Mi-joo takes on an interpreting gig.


Seon-gyeom gets revenge on Woo-sik's behalf, but is disheartened by the coaches' inaction. Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom bond over a movie and drink


Handing her a handsome reward, Ki Jeong-do asks Mi-joo for a favor. Seon-gyeom's rage over Woo-sik's unjust injury boils over in Jeju Island.


Lee Yeong-hwa tries to compensate Dan-ah for her broken bracelet. Mi-joo translates and shares Woo-sik's interview online to clear Seon-gyeom's name.


Retired and unemployed, Seon-gyeom accepts Mi-joo's offer to stay at her home. Dan-ah convinces Yeong-hwa to submit a new painting for the gallery.


Mi-joo becomes concerned, then angry, when Seon-gyeom stays out all night. Yeong-hwa's persistence pays off with a surprise visit from Dan-ah.


At a movie premiere, Yeong-hwa clears up Mi-joo's misunderstanding about Seon-gyeom's night. She goes on a business trip, leaving Seon-gyeom home alone.


Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom grow close, then apart, during their work trip. Yeong-hwa puts his foot down during a heated argument with Dan-ah.


Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom start dating. Seeking perspective on her situation with Yeong-hwa, Dan-ah invites herself into Mi-joo's home for a drink.


Seon-gyeom takes the lead in helping Woo-sik get back on track. Dan-ah realizes the reason behind her admiration for Yeong-hwa's artwork.


Unhappy with Seon-gyeom's disobedience, Jeong-do takes out his anger on Mi-joo. Dan-ah allows herself to smile in Yeong-hwa's embrace.


Mi-joo and Seon-gyeom tearfully agree to take some time apart. Yeong-hwa's planned birthday party for Dan-ah starts and ends in chaos.


Missing Yeong-hwa, Dan-ah spends a night with him in his seaside hometown. Mi-joo runs her first marathon. Seon-gyeom is peeved by his father's plans.


Goh Ye-jun comes out to his family. Ki Eun-bi finds solace in Mi-joo's home. Yeong-hwa unveils his masterpiece and love for Dan-ah.


Mi-joo’s work gets a director noticed overseas. Yeong-hwa and Dan-ah achieve their own goals. Seon-gyeom officially becomes a sports agent.