Não Quero Fazer Nada (2022)


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Cansada da vida na metrópole, uma jovem se muda para uma cidadezinha. Lá, ela conhece um bibliotecário que também quer fugir de tudo.


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It has been more than four years since Yeo-reum started working at her current job, but she's still the same pushover that she was four years ago. Things have changed for the worse for Yeo-reum with her mom gone, and she finally seeks a change. One day, she realizes that there is another world than the one she's been desperately clinging to and decides to take a different path.


After two days of doing nothing and being unemployed, Yeo-reum decides to move on and out. With a bag on her back full of all her essential daily necessities, she arrives in a small village called “Angok.” She first looks for a place to stay, and she ends up finding the perfect place within her budget. The next day, satisfied and relieved to see herself making some kind of progress, she gets a little too loosened up.


Strange things have been happening to Yeo-reum since she moved into her new place. She gets the sense that some people in Angok want her to leave. Meanwhile, Yeo-reum plucks up the courage to get to know the librarian better. While in Seoul with Ji-young, Dae-beom runs into people he's been desperately avoiding for some reason.


Yeo-reum wakes up feeling sick in the morning and tries to remember what exactly happened last night. While doing so, she realizes that she has withdrawn all the money she had in the bank account. She scavenges the streets of Angok to find the missing plastic bag of money. Later, Dae-beom comes to look for Yeo-reum to tell her something before it's too late.


Yeo-reum's old boyfriend was not someone she could talk to when she really needed to. But with Dae-beom, she feels like she can share everything. Bom deserves proper care from her parents as a juvenile, and the lack of it puts her in a vulnerable position. With no place to spend the night, Bom lingers outside Yeo-reum's place. Yeo-reum doesn't ask why she's here and puts her arms around her.


When Bom was a little kid, her world revolved around her dad. But now, her dad is the only thing that makes her life miserable. One day, Bom goes through something awful while trying to stop her dad from making a costly mistake. After hearing about the incident, everyone in Angok rushes to their loved ones before it's too late.


Dae-beom and Yeo-reum get closer by the day, and it is not easy for Ji-young to watch them from afar. One day, Dae-beom takes Yeo-reum home after having a great time together, and he runs into writings regarding her sister on the wall of Sunah Billiard. Yeo-reum is worried about him, but that's about all she can do for him. The next day, Dae-beom does not show up at the library.


Yeo-reum's previous version of life before coming to Angok was focused on sacrificing her own good for others' happiness. This time, she might be going through a similar situation, and she has to make a choice. A great time with Dae-beom, Bom, and Jae-hoon is what Yeo-reum hoped for since leaving Seoul, and she does not want to lose it.


Yeo-reum is satisfied with her life in Angok with Bom, Bom's grandmother, and, of course, Dae-beom by her side. Every day seems too peaceful to be true until something happens. Yeo-reum is on her way back from a date with Dae-beom, and Bom is also back home late that night. However, Bom's grandmother is nowhere to be seen.


Bom's grandmother, Jung Young-sook, dies, leaving Bom and her family devastated. The suspect, Geun-ho, gets arrested and later confesses to the murder. Meanwhile, Yeo-reum decides to leave Angok without telling Dae-beom.


Yeo-reum visits Geun-ho in jail, but she finds something off. Later, she learns that he’s not capable of writing such awful things on the walls and hurting Ms. Jung. Meanwhile, Dae-beom finally understands the meaning of the writings on the wall and figures out the actual culprit behind his sister’s murder.


Yeo-reum confronts Mr. Kwak and accuses him of killing Ms. Jung. Dae-beom figures out that it was Moo-chul who killed his sister. Bom’s father abandons Bom and Ha-neul to gamble, leaving Bom devastated. After everything comes to an end, Yeo-reum redefines what happiness means.