Nasdrovia (2020)


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Edurne e Julián são dois advogados de sucesso que, em meio à crise dos 40, decidem abandonar a carreira e abrir um restaurante de comida russa, o Nasdrovia. Infelizmente, o local é tão bom que rapidamente se torna um dos favoritos da máfia russa.


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1Laika Virgin

Edurne and Julián are trapped in the mafia and in the service of Boris as lawyers; Franky proposes to Edurne a plan so crazy that it could work.


Edurne and Julián realise that they have wasted their best years defending criminals just to be able to afford expensive furniture. The two, for different reasons, want a change of life and think about opening a Russian restaurant.


Edurne wonders how to tell Julián about Franky's plan; Rodia does not attend his father's funeral, Boris decides to go look for him.


Boris arrives at the Nasdrovia accompanied by Yuri and Vasili when the restaurant is just about to close.

4Vinieron del Este

Erica reveals some sad news to Julián and Edurne, who, despite being in danger, have different ideas about the best way to solve their problems.


Boris definitively seizes Nasdrovia and uses it at will; Edurne and Julián think about talking to the police, and Boris announces that he will leave them alone in exchange for one last family celebration.

5Estado De Alarma

Pedro Sánchez decrees the state of alarm due to the pandemic and they are forced to confine themselves together in Boris's house.


Edurne and Julián realise how dangerous Boris is. Franky is aware of the danger and tells them that it is not so bad, they are Russian things.

6Show Time

Boris has decided to hold the drag contest at his house to complete his revenge; Julián will have to decide who to be loyal to, his boss or the love of his life.

6Vor V Zakone

Edurne, Julián, and Franky prepare the organisation's dinner with Boris's men watching over them. The mobsters arrive for dinner, but the Nasdrovia's owners have a plan to make it out alive.