Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin (2016)

24mAction & Adventure, Animação, Comédia, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Uma guerra entre a República de Kioka e seu vizinho, o Império Katjvarna. Nessa região, devido a certas circunstâncias, havia um jovem se preparando a contragosto para o exame de Oficial Militar de Alta Classe. Seu nome, Ikta. Ele odeia a guerra, é preguiçoso e gosta de mulheres. Ninguém previu que o gentil Ikta se tornaria um soldado referido até como um grande comandante. Ele que sobreviveu a um mundo envolto em guerra com seu gênio superior, Ikta. As cortinas se abrem, ilustrando sua vida dinâmica, dramática e sua esplêndida e fantasiosa história militar.


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9The Fate of a Small Honor

The war against the mountain people continues, and the imperial forces are about to make one last march to their final staging ground. The incompetent imperial commanders pick a route that leaves their flanks exposed to an attack, but fortunately Ikta persuades them to dismount and use their shields. In the midst of the Sinack attack, a group of unknown assassins appears out of nowhere and heads straight for the Lieutenant General! They're heavily armed and highly trained, but can Yatori stop them in time?

12Ghost Hunter

The Imperial army is continuing its retreat from the numerically superior Aldera forces at the base of the Alafatra mountain range. They've set fire to the forest to buy themselves more time, but after a few days the fire is beginning to burn out. To buy the time they need to finish the retreat, Ikta is forced to maintain a proactive mobile defense and keep the flames burning. But the enemy general is breaking all the rules, and Ikta can't figure out his game. By the time Ikta realizes what's happened, it's too late, and the enemy is battering down his walls with a new weapon and sending their cavalry straight through the flames!

13In a Twilight Empire

Ikta suffers a serious setback at the hands of the unsleeping, shining officer from the Kioka republic. His lines have been broken and the retreat is in disarray. To salvage an increasingly desperate situation, he leads a small, handpicked force to lure Jean into a trap. But Jean's proven himself for than a match for Ikta already, and the Alderan military outnumbers his own forces by over a dozen times. How can he handle such overwhelming numbers when his opponent has shown to be his equal?