O Clube da Meia-Noite (2022)

54mDrama, Mistério

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Em uma clínica para adolescentes em estado terminal, integrantes de um clube secreto fazem um pacto sinistro: quem morrer primeiro terá que mandar um sinal do além.


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1The Final Chapter

When cancer cancels her plans for college, star student Ilonka finds a sliver of hope at Brightcliffe, a mysterious hospice for terminally ill teens.

2The Two Danas

Anya brings bitterness to a tense group therapy session, and Ilonka meets a healer on the grounds. A deep cut sends a shaken Spencer to the infirmary

3The Wicked Heart

Family Day at Brightcliffe brings news from home — but not for everyone. A series of strange clues lead Ilonka down a path of startling discoveries.

4Gimme a Kiss

The club explores a hidden chamber, where Sandra's unsettled by items in the room. A voice calls to Spence through the intercom. Anya sees a dark shadow.

5See You Later

Ilonka digs deeper into Brightcliffe's mysteries — and receives an unexpected gift. Later that night, the club gathers for Amesh's "Death Day" party.


With Anya's health hanging in the balance, Ilonka and the others move quickly to perform a ritual from the Midnight Club's past.


Anya's eyes open to a strange new reality. Ilonka blames herself for a crushing loss... then overhears a conversation that could change everything.

8Road to Nowhere

Armed with new information, Ilonka is determined to find answers. Shasta extends an intriguing offer. The club convenes to find the library doors locked.

9The Eternal Enemy

Kevin confesses he's been seeing things. Dispiriting news sends Ilonka away from Brightcliffe, but an optimistic Shasta urges her to go back.


Dr. Stanton reprimands Ilonka the following morning, revealing more about Julia Jayne. Sandra says her goodbyes. At long last, Kevin concludes his story.