O Drama da Minha Vida (2019)

1h 10mDorama, Comédia, Drama

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No início de seus 30 anos, três amigos navegam na exigente indústria do entretenimento enquanto fazem malabarismos com amor, carreira e sonhos.


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1I'm Not Going to Like Something Like Love

Im Jin-ju and her two friends, Lee Eun-jeong and Hwang Han-ju, recount the events that knitted them together into a makeshift family.

2If He's a Director, Shouldn't He Have a Girlfriend? The Thing is He Has No Luck^^

A new man enters Han-ju's life, while a fried chicken emergency keeps her on high alert. Jin-ju takes an enlightening tour of JBC Station.

3Are You on the Side of the Man I Like?

Son Beom-su and Jin-ju strike an exciting deal, Eun-jeong starts a new gig, and Han-ju no longer has to hustle alone.

4Are You Going to Transfer? What a Philanthropist!

A booze-filled night causes Beom-su's and Jin-ju's lives to tangle, while a potential subject for a new documentary piques Eun-jeong's interest.

5It's Not Going to Be Easy, But It's Going to Be a Lot of Fun. Good Luck to Us

Jin-ju and her friends set off to party but settle on a great new restaurant instead. Beom-su prepares to convince JBC to pick up their new series.

6You're Growing on Me. You're Growing on Me...

In the face of a major crisis, Jin-ju reacts by sitting perfectly still while Han-ju confronts it head-on ... by giving them exactly what they want.

7Can I Kiss You? Only Kiss!

Every love story begins with a confession -- which, as it turns out, is hard to write. As Jin-ju overcomes her writer's block, Beom-su develops a crush.

8I Don't Know How I Used to Be...

Jin-ju and Beom-su debate a choice between two production companies. Han-ju and Chu Jae-hun's dinner is interrupted by an unwelcome visitor.

9Why Are You Hesitating, Are You Excited, By Any Chance?

Beom-su grows anxious as an eager young co-worker hijacks his production staff. Eun-jeong becomes increasingly aware of Hong-dae's absence.

10Is Something Making You Jealous?

Jin-ju's past and present come to light as gossip spreads rapidly among writers. A foulmouthed director tries Eun-jeong's patience.

11There's Something I Need to Figure Out... My Heart That Likes the Writer

Rumors create a rift in Beom-su and Jin-ju's relationship. Eun-jeong's brother, Lee Hyo-bong, advises her to seek treatment.

12Love Is The Best Thing In The World

Beom-su confesses his feelings, but it unwittingly turns into a heated debate. Eun-jeong's vision of Hong-dae takes a violent turn.

13Why Are You Getting Out of There...?

A mortifying incident puts a strain on one relationship but brings another closer together. Meanwhile, the production moves forward, although bumpily.

14Do You Want Me to Hug You? It's Hard For You...

Beom-su, Jin-ju, Han-ju and Jae-hun take a short trip to cool off. Eun-jeong heads to an orphanage, where she meets a fellow patron.

15Today I Should Be a Little Disappointed

When an accident moves up the production schedule by several months, Beom-su gets pulled into endless meetings, causing Jin-ju to grow upset.