O Mal na Porta ao Lado (2022)

43mCrime, Documentário

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As histórias de pessoas comuns que enfrentam o mal que sempre esteve à sua frente. Através do exame de vídeos caseiros, viajamos com nossos insiders em crimes chocantes para revelar o que foi perdido antes que a tragédia mudasse tudo.


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1Arizona Horror Story

Three bodies are discovered in a burned-out home in Scottsdale and a fourth family member is missing; investigators realize they have a triple homicide on their hands and embark on a decades-long manhunt.

2The Old-Fashioned Way

A young woman vanishes, and her pastor may hold the key to her whereabouts.

3Behind Closed Doors

Police find a family savagely murdered in their quiet suburban Oklahoma home, but when police find a victim still clinging to life and able to provide some answers, they launch a desperate search for the perpetrators before they can kill again.

4Under His Eye

Amina and Sarah Said long to live the lives of typical American teenagers, but when they push back against the rules of their traditionalist father, tensions simmer inside the family and come to an explosive conclusion.

5No Son of Mine

In rural Kentucky, police receive a distressing call about the brutal killing of a family in their home. Authorities learn the victim's son is the sole survivor of the attack by a disgruntled ex-handyman, but his recollection of the murder doesn't add up.

6Failure to Thrive

In small-town upstate New York, a young mother loses her 5-year old son, who's battled a medical condition that has plagued him since birth; doctors claim his death is not from a natural cause, and investigators soon suspect foul play.