O Resgate na Caverna Tailandesa (2022)


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Um time de futebol juvenil fica preso em uma caverna na Tailândia, e a situação trágica mobiliza uma operação internacional de resgate. Inspirada em uma história real.


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1The Legend of Tham Luang

The Wild Boars soccer team meet for practice with plans to explore a cave afterwards. Little do they know that their lives are about to change forever.

2To Not Offend the Gods

Coach Ek and the boys realize they’re trapped inside the cave due to rising water levels. The clock is ticking as rescue efforts begin to ramp up.

3The Princess' Chalice

A hydraulic engineer warns of the drastically rising waters. Meanwhile, rescuers deliver food supplies and family letters to the hopeful boys.

4Lucky Baht

The rescue team works out the best way to safely retrieve the boys from the cave — but an unfortunate tragedy strikes during the operation.

5The Parable of Kisa Gotami

Governor Narongsak makes an effort to get consent from the boys’ families to proceed with a new but contentious rescue plan.

6Moo Pa

Against all odds, the day has come for the rescue divers to finally extract the boys from the cave — and the world is watching in anticipation.