O Tigre Verón (2019)


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Miguel “O Tigre” Verón, dirigente sindical do setor de carnes, tem que arriscar tudo contra seus patrões e inimigos da justiça.


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Verón arrives at the abattoir to “negotiate” the situation of his workers. Confronts with Antonio “El Chaqueño” Morán his main rival in bosses' world.

2Son of a Tiger

Verón struggles to free his daughter from jail. Family secrets come to light.

3The confrontation

An attorney tries to prosecute Veron for manipulating union elections. Family Business is threatened.

4The Rat

"El Tigre" knows there is a ‘rat’ within his team and ruins a business for Chaqueño, who, as a revenge, decides to go against one of his children. El Tigre celebrates his electoral victory without suspecting the tragedy that lies ahead.


"El Tigre" is furious and wants justice. "El Chaqueño" fears being discovered and sends Justina a GPS location through Juando's ex-boyfriend cell phone. When "El Tigre" arrives finds a mysterious and shocking scene.

6The Watch

"El Tigre" wants to discover who of his team passes information to "El Chaqueño" and doubts everyone. "El Tigre" confirms his suspicions about Fabito's clandestine workshop, who puts his own life at risk after a tragic incident.


"El Tano" knows "El Tigre" and Justina suspect him and doesn't want to be Chaqueño's informant anymore. Raimundi follows a clue to catch El Tiger, while he confronts Tripa for having generated the workshop incident that almost killed Fabito.

8Salary negotiation

Verón is cornered by problems with Tripa, "El Chaqueño" and Raimundi. "El Chaqueño" uses information given by "El Tano" to incriminate "El Tiger". On the day of the salary ngotiations, Raimundi breaks with the police, and the Tiger takes an ungrateful surprise.

9Caged Tiger

When "El Tigres" is imprisoned Tripa and "El Chaqueño" plan how to keep the union. "El Tigre" takes advantage of Tano's visit to the prison and asks him, in his absence, to be his agent in the union. A riot puts Fabito and El Tigre at risk.

10The List

"El Tigre" wants to find the traitor in his group and asks Sandro to put together a list with those who knew about the existence of offshore accounts. Sandro suspects Tano and confronts him.


Thanks to the wiretaps ordered by Raimundi, "El Tigre" takes advantage of the occasion and assembles a plan and discovers Tano is "El Chaqueño" infiltrate. Fabito tries to make passes with his father, with unexpected results.

12Final blow

"El Tigre" takes Fabito out of the Chaqueño's house. El Tano faces the consequences of being the Chaqueño's informant, Raimundi has images of the Chaqueño's house, and "El Tigre" makes him a proposal impossible to reject.