Oh My Baby (2020)

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Solteira e prestes a completar 40 anos, a editora de uma revista desiste de se casar e cogita ir direto para a parte do bebê e do felizes para sempre.


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1When It’s Too Late

Ha Ri works at a magazine company and is in charge of a baby magazine called “The Baby”. She struggles to communicate with the readers who aren’t supportive of a baby magazine led by a single woman. One day, she visits an ob-gyn and finds out that she has endometriosis.

2Ha Ri’s Decision

Jae Young asks Ha Ri if she wants him to set her up with a guy. Ha Ri tells I Sang that they should avoid each other.

3Ha Ri’s Single Life

Ha Ri declares that she won’t get married for the rest of her life in front of Jae Young and Eun Young. But she has all the intention to give birth to her child. She then looks for other ways to get pregnant. When she gets in touch with a donor who is willing to provide his sperm for a small price, the police barges in to arrest the donor. Nonetheless, Ha Ri’s goal to find a sperm donor remains firm.

4I Thought I Knew

The mom subscribers of “The Baby” starts a boycott at the news of Ha Ri’s illegal sperm incident. The company’s reputation is tarnished and Ha Ri is humiliated in front of all her colleagues. She thought she knew what it would be like to be a mom, but realizes that maybe she didn’t. Ha Ri wanders off the streets after being suspended for a month at work.

5Ha Ri’s Target

Ha Ri acts aggressively to persuade Eu Ddeum to participate in sperm donation. At first, it seemed as if Eu Ddeum was optimistic about the whole process until he pointed out how he wanted to tell his parents about his future child first. Meanwhile, Ha Ri ends up going on a business trip with I Sang. However, due to a rainstorm, they have no choice but to stay the night together.

6What’s Going On Between Ha Ri and I Sang?

Ha Ri is feeling antsy ever since the trip with I Sang and I Sang also goes through mild hallucinations, missing Ha Ri. Jae Young feels oddly jealous about the two and tells Ha Ri to only focus on finding a sperm donor. Meanwhile, Ha Ri’s personal information spreads across online and she finds a way to speak up for herself.

7Feelings Can Be Complicated

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8I Like You, I Sang

Eu Ddeum decides to confess his feelings to Ha Ri in a more serious way and asks around on how to do it properly. Ha Ri remembers her first encounter with I Sang and how she kissed him. She feels awkward about it until she finds out that I Sang saw her diary. She goes up to him and honestly shares her feelings.

9The Moments We Say It’s Love

I Sang and Ha Ri start dating, and despite Ha Ri’s effort to keep their relationship secret, all of her team members find out instantly. When Jae Young finds out that Ha Ri is dating I Sang, he gets shocked. Meanwhile, the editing department members of “The Baby” come up with a project to secure Ha Ri the position she rightfully deserves.

10The Moments We Say It’s Love 2

Ha Ri spends busy days after becoming editor-in-chief. She barely gets to even see her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Jae Young can’t hide the fact that he has feelings for Ha Ri.

11No Words Can Express How Much I Love You and How Sorry I Am

Ha Ri has a hard time to accept that I Sang is infertile as well. While I Sang tries to find ways to stay together, Ha Ri tries to move away from him. Meanwhile, Jae Young tries to interrupt between Ha Ri and I Sang and persuades both to break up with each other.

12Grown-ups Leave a Place to Go Back to

Ha Ri decides to stay together with I Sang. While things go well for Ha Ri and I Sang, Jae Young suffers from seeing the two together. Ok Ran is no help for Jae Young to ease his mind because she is caught between I Sang and Jae Young when it comes to choosing one for Ha Ri’s future husband. I Sang gets a gift certificate for a bed and breakfast when buying a jewelry for Ha Ri and he plans a weekend trip with her.

13Why Life Brings Us Hardships

I Sang is finally ready to propose to Ha Ri and her colleagues helps him planning for the proposal. Hyo Joo tries to make moves to win Eu Ddeum’s heart but it looks like a long way to go. One night, Jae Young and Ha Ri happen to stay at home together without Ok Ran and Do Ah in the dark due to a blackout. Jae Young takes the moment as a chance to confess his feelings for Ha Ri.

14Grown-ups Only Cry for Real

Jae Young happens to stay at the hospital for Ha Ri’s dad, Tae Seob and tells him how Ha Ri was at her grade school graduation without her dad. I Sang receives the test results and tries to reach Ha Ri to tell about it, but something goes wrong. And Jae Young hears some strange noise from Ha Ri’s house and decides to break into it.

15Love, What Can We Do About It?

I Sang feels guilty because he thinks he makes Ha Ri’s life miserable and Ha Ri says she would give up a child. Jeong Won finally tells Jae Young why she left him and Do Ah and that she wants to get back together with him. And I Sang makes up his mind after an unexpected encounter and decides to do something for Ha Ri.