Um de Nós Está Mentindo (2021)

48mDrama, Mistério

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A detenção reúne cinco estudantes extremamente diferentes. Mas um assassinato e muitos segredos vão manter esse grupo unido até que o mistério seja desvendado.


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Five students enter detention, but only four come out alive and they all have secrets to kill for.

2One of Us Is Grieving

The "Bayview Four" go to Simon's wake and become official suspects in his murder.

3One of Us Is Not Like the Others

The "Bayview Four's" secrets start to drop; Cooper faces the biggest test of his sports career.

5One of Us Is Cracking

The police pressure the suspects; a leaked piece of evidence puts a student in the spotlight.

6One of Us Is Dancing!

The "Bayview Four" investigate their main suspect at the Homecoming dance.

7One of Us Is Not Giving Up

The "Bayview Four" race against the clock to exonerate one of their own before it's too late.

8One of Us Is Dead

The truth about Simon's murder is revealed on Halloween night.