Ooyukiumi no Kaina (2023)

23mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Um mundo coberto por um oceano infinito e crescente de neve. As pessoas sobrevivem com dificuldade, amontoadas em torno das raízes das enormes árvores que pontilham a superfície, ou no alto da copa, que se espalha sobre a atmosfera do planeta. Um encontro casual entre Kaina, um jovem da Abóbada Celeste, e Liliha, uma jovem da superfície, desencadeia uma cadeia de eventos que mudará o destino do mundo.


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1O Garoto da Abóbada Celeste

Kaina vive em uma pequena vila, junto de pessoas idosas preocupadas com ele, pois não existe outra vila na Abóbada Celeste e eles acreditam que são os últimos humanos no mundo.

2Princess of the Snow Sea

Kaina and the other villagers find out for the first time that there is life below the Canopy. Ririha, princess of Atland, explains that she came from the Snow Sea in search of "the sage," who may be able to help with their water shortage issue.

3Travelling Down the Orbital Tree

In order to safely return Ririha to her nation, Kaina goes with her to assist their climb down the spire tree, knowing he will not be able to return to his village again. Their travel goes smoothly, but the Valghians were waiting for Ririha at the base.

4Conflict at the Snow Sea

The Valghians capture Ririha so they can strongarm the Atlandians into surrendering. The Atlandian soldiers engage in the battle to rescue Ririha and Kaina, but aren't successful. Ririha manages to free Kaina while she remains in captivity.

5Rescue Mission

After learning of the King of Atland's decision to not rescue Ririha and instead go to war with Valghia, it's up to Kaina and Yaona to go save Ririha. Without a means to travel the sea, they must figure out an alternative way to get there.

6Ririha in a Cage

Once the Valghian admiral receives Atland's message that they will not surrender, he decides to leave Ririha outside to freeze to death. Luckily, Kaina and Yaona come to her rescue, but now they must figure out a way to escape and return to Atland.

7Fortress Nation

Opting to stay hidden inside a box within the ship, Kaina, Ririha and Yaona find themselves offloaded to the mobile fortress of Valghia. Now, they must somehow come up with a way to return to Atland, but Valghians are hot on their tails.

8Lost at Sea

After saving an innocent girl from being executed, Kaina, Ririha and Yaona are given a small boat to escape. Unfortunately, without any means to navigate the boat accurately, they are unsure if they're heading in the right direction.

9Insignia of an Ancient Castle

Just before the start of the war between Atland and Valghia, Kaina and his friends race to get proof of a great tree that can save everyone, including their enemies.

10The Builder

Valghia have a fearsome weapon, a relic from the Age of the Sage, which they have activated. How will Atland be able to fight back, now cornered?

11Scale of Hope

Drunk on power, the Admiral continues to operate the Builder and is determined to kill the King. Ririha tries to save her father, which results in making herself the Admiral's target. Will Kaina make it in time to save Ririha?