Operação Ecstasy (2019)

50mCrime, Drama

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Agentes se infiltram na operação de um chefão do tráfico disfarçados como um casal, acampando onde o traficante passa os finais de semana. Baseado em fatos reais.


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1Camping Zonnedauw

After embarking on their undercover assignment, agents Bob and Kim clash over how to initiate contact with their target and new neighbor, Ferry Bouman.

1Evil Eye

1El Dorado

2Highly Sensitive

Attempts to make inroads with Ferry hit a roadblock when Bob antagonizes a member of his crew and a secondary operation spins out of control.

2Festival Shop Super Sales


3Italian Designer Drugs

When Bob's temper endangers the mission, he works to spin the situation to his advantage. Kim reaches out to Danielle over a personal matter.

3Trust Issues

3Soldiers of Love

4Legio Patria Nostra

Trust issues crop up everywhere as John questions Ferry's faith in Bob, Ferry worries about Jurgen's loyalty, and Bob lets his wife down yet again.

4All-in Resort

4Trojan Horse Power

5Across the Border

Bob sets out to pick up Ferry's merchandise but runs into trouble along the way. Back home, his concerned colleagues debate over whether to intervene.

5Rat in the Kitchen



A drug deal with a new associate leaves Ferry and John on edge. Bob and Kim feel the effects of their forced closeness. Danielle breaks into her stash.

6Pater Familias


7That Cop's Face

Ferry's close call sends John and Bob hunting for the person responsible. Meanwhile, Kim toys with Danielle's affections to help the case.

7Total Loss


8Nouveau Monde

The tension between Bob and John comes to a head during a drug negotiation in France disguised as a couples' getaway. Kim ups the ante with Danielle.



9Rock Bottom

Unable to let the case go, Bob figures out another way to lure Ferry, but Kim feels uneasy once the targets are identified.



Amid what should be a happy occasion, Bob sets a drug buy in motion with Ferry's blessing. Back at the campsite, Danielle gets a bad feeling about Kim.