Ore Ga Ojousama Gakkou Ni Shomin Sample Toshite Gets Sareta Ken (2015)

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Em uma escola escondida, cercada por montanhas, jovens senhoras de boas famílias aprendem tudo o que uma mulher de alta classe precisa saber. Elas também são completamente isoladas do mundo exterior, mantendo-se protegidas e inocentes. No entanto, um problema surgiu recentemente: Mais e mais garotas não estão conseguindo lidar com o mundo moderno após a graduação. Para sanar com esse problema, foi decido sequestrar um garoto "plebeu", e registrá-lo.


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1Welcome, Commoner

Entirely average high school student Kimito Kagurazaka is snatched out of his regular school and sent to an elite all-girl school in order to acclimate the students there to both boys and to the culture of commoners.

2Reiko Is Who We Wish to Be Like

A day in Reiko's life demonstrates how good she is at everything she does, and how the other girls look up to her. Reiko throws Kimito a welcome party. Kimito introduces the girls to instant ramen in a cup.

3It Was Like the Garden of Eden

While trying to settle into his new life, Kimito runs into child prodigy Hakua Shiodome, a shy girl who writes complex equations wherever she finds convenient, and Karen Jinryo, a self-taught sword master who challenges him to battle.

4The Tea Party Incident

When Reiko invites Kimito to her room to join in a tea party with the other girls, Aika monopolizes Kimito's time, insisting that her party planning comes first. Kimito offers to help when Reiko inadvertently offends the rest of the class.

5Just Friends

Hakua unexpectedly shows up in Kimito's room one morning, and the two of them make breakfast together. Reiko, Aika, and Karen grow concerned about how Hakua is garnering so much of Kimito's attention, and confront her.

6Step Outside

The class takes a field trip to the newly-completed theme park "Shominland," where the students get to experience the commoner lifestyle. Kimito coaches the others through almost, but not-quite-authentic commoner activities.

7The Tsun-Pure in Her Element

Aika enjoys her newfound popularity by showing off her knowledge of a clothing store. Kimito helps Karen overcome her body image issues while trying on clothes. Aika asks Reiko to help her compose an apology text message to the class.

8Aika-sama Has a Lot of Friends

While having their fortunes told by Kimito's phone, the girls discover that it can also predict their compatibility with members of the opposite sex. After Kimito asks Kujo to stop waking him in her usual manner, she is reluctant.

9Kagurazaka-sama Is Here

The Commoner Club members learn about maid cafés, and take over the cafeteria in a practical exercise to learn more about what maid café maids do. When Sakimori learns of Kimito's affinity for maids, she invites him to Hakua's lab.

10I've Been Curious About This for a While, But What Is Gets?

Kimito gives Aika a yellow suit of the same style worn by Dandy Sakano, famous commoner comedian and inventor of the "Gets" gesture. When Kimito says that he misses having male companionship, the girls assume the worst.

11Is This Not the Sky That Kimito-sama Was Looking At?

Reiko offers to give Kimito one-on-one tutoring to help him with his flower arranging class. Reiko's mother and brother come to visit the school, with news that promises to change Reiko's life forever.

12Inexperienced Though I Am, Please Accept Me Forever

With Masaomi's help, the rest of the Commoner Club members arrive at the Arisugawa estate to break off Reiko's engagement. Kimito makes an impassioned plea, but ends up saying more than he intends.