Os Bórgias (2011)

52mAction & Adventure, Drama



Os Bórgias é a sórdida saga de uma das mais famosas e lendárias famílias da história. Ambientada na Itália do século 15, no auge da renascença, os Bórgias narra a corrompida ascensão do patriarca Rodrigo Bórgia até se tornar papa, quando ele comete todos os pecados da Bíblia, para agregar e conservar poder, influência e uma imensa riqueza.


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While Lucrezia is head of the Vatican, Rodrigo Borgia continued his retreat. He tries to erase his feelings of love for Julia and her desire for her own daughter, now married to Alfonso di Calabria. But even away from all temptations, he struggles to get there. For his part, his daughter, a young woman who became regent seat with wisdom and moderation, qualities that are lacking in Cesare. The latter, still at war in Romagna, hopes to achieve with a little luck to defeat Catarina and all the enemies of the Borgia family ...

1The Time of Sweet Desires

Cesare covets the hand of Carlotta d'Aragona and the Naples throne. Rodrigo et Lucrezia, for their part, wold like to turn the page on the death of Juan Borgia.


Though officially their uncle, Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia gathers his three children, but Juan's and Cesare's lack of control threaten his life's work.


Lucrezia is in a delicate position with the return of Rodrigo Borgia. It reigns supreme and does not hesitate to be cruel to his enemies. Pope became a counselor with him, Lucrezia can neither impose his word, nor to stop the fears of her husband, which occurred with the arrival of Cesare in Rome. The son Borgia is carried by his desire for conquest. Fierce, he is ready for anything ...

2Ash Wednesday

Cesare Borgia celebrates Mass on Ash Wednesday for the King of Naples and his court. According to the liturgical texts, Cesare made ​​a sign of the cross on the forehead of each participant with ash, in these words: "Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return." But when comes the turn of King Federico d'Aragona, Cesare draws a "C" on his forehead. Thus causing the sovereign Cesare stands in contradiction with the spirit of contrition associated with this holiday.

2Ondata di calore

When a plot to poison the pope is baffled and the pontiff's original testament restored, Cesare watches his brother rise further in Rodrigo's esteem.


Cesare's new mistress could trigger a diplomatic incident, and public allegations of debauchery are made against the Borgia family.

3Palm Sunday

Sent by Pope Alexander VI, Cesare and Alessandro are entering in Florence. Unlike Jesus, they are not greeted by hosannas and palm leaves, but by the looks of reproach and disapproving murmurs. Under the control of Savonarola, Florence Florence libertine became austere. Later, Cesare attends Mass on Palm Sunday, celebrated by Savonarola. During the ceremony, Nicolas Machiavelli discusses Cesare hoping to join the clandestine opposition to Savonarola. Ironically, Machiavelli tends to Cesare a sling, made with palm leaves tied in a bow shape.

3A Sacred Vow

A quarrel starts among the cardinals and old reckonings are being settled, while Cesare offers his son as a sacrifice to God, abandoning the newborn.


When one of his commanders captures a city without authorisation, Cesare must appease a ruler. Lucrezia's son suffers a potentially mortal fall.

4Pax Vobiscum

Savonarola was sentenced to death by hanging by the Pope Alexander VI after admitting acts of heresy under torture. He uses his last breath to curse Cesare Borgia and the whole family, in the name of God. Later, Cesare attend Midnight Mass and Easter lights the traditional fireworks fireworks Florentine. Alessandro, his lifelong friend, wish him "peace of God", but the peace of God is more interested Cesare.

4Wisdom of the Holy Spirit

Rodrigo promises estates and offices for those voting in his favour, and when white smoke rises, he leaves the conclave as Pope Alexander VI.


While Rodrigo engages in delicate politics, Leonardo da Vinci offers Cesare a powerful weapon and murder visits the Borgia family.


In the vineyards of the Palazzo dei Santi Apostoli, Cardinal Giuliano della Rovere selects grapes for the blessing of first fruits. He is assisted by Cardinal Raffaele Riario Sansoni, more concerned with political cases. Released from his vows of Cardinal Cesare is of golden armor that belonged to his late brother Juan. Thus dressed, he poses as a king on the papal throne, having finally materialized all its own idea of "ascension" to heaven.

5The Bonds of Matrimony

The wedding of Lucrezia to Giovanni Sforza is to seal the union between the Borgia and Sforza families, but the marriage will not be consummated.


Outside of Italy, rebellion stirs and the Cardinals fear they'll lose their power, while plans begin for Lucrezia's next marriage.


A violent rainstorm fell on Rome. Rodrigo Borgia, Pope Alexander VI, is doing sex with his mistress, Giulia Farnese, when the ceiling of the papal chamber collapses on them. Rodrigo found alive under the debris, is in shock. Like the apostles, he began to speak in different languages​​, believing that the Holy Spirit is in him.


As peace remains brittle, Rodrigo publicly acknowledges his paternity of Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia and Goffredo to strengthen the family bonds.


Cesare loses his lover and his daughter, leading to a painful defeat, and Lucrezia's betrothal becomes politically and emotionally complex.

7The Blessed Trinity

Each member of the Trinity, Borgia (Rodrigo, Cesare and Lucrezia) must find his own unit: head, heart and soul. Rodrigo confronts his addiction to drugs, Cesare intrigue at the court of the King of France to win the hand of Carlotta, while Lucrezia must overcome the sad reality of her love life.


Instead of keeping the peace, Rodrigo gives in to Giulia's urging and has his men take up arms, but under Juan's command the campaign fails.


Cesare's renegade generals mount a rebellion against him, while those close to Rodrigo conspire against him, all on the eve of Lucrezia's wedding.

8A Morality Play

On the occasion of this celebration, Cardinal Riario Sansoni organizes morality recounting the story of Alexis. Far from these concerns, Cesare continuing negotiations to try to raise an army and get a title and a wife. Conversely, Lanzol asks to leave Rome and intrigues in order to devote himself more confidently to Christ.

8Prelude to an Apocalypse

With his enemies advancing and his troops deserting Juan's command, Rodrigo has to take a tough decision that puts Cesare's life at stake.

91503, Part One

Lucrezia meets her new family with mixed results, while at home a malaria outbreak has historic consequences for the Borgias.


The crowds gathered on Saint Peter's Square in Rome, while another big celebration takes place in Spoleto. This episode, largely devoted to the celebration, the narrative ends by Rodrigo Transfiguration to a group of children. The story is accompanied by a warning to adults who listen Rodrigo, including Giulia and Virginio Orsini. Rodrigo, Lucrezia and Cesare are transformed as they endorse their new roles, sometimes an inspiration to others, sometimes manipulative attempt to influence them.

9The Invasion of Rome

Rodrigo has his back on the wall as the French troops occupy the Eternal city, but thanks to his son Cesare, a fragile peace can be negotiated.

101503, Part Two

Rodrigo's death sets chaos in motion on many fronts and forces Cesare to practice his most sophisticated politics yet as stakes are raised.

10The Assumption

Cesare and the King of France organize their wedding, one after another, the day of the Assumption, a date when it rains consistently. Cardinal Orsini, very sick, terrified of what awaits him after his death when he thinks about his relationships with friends and enemies of the pope. Lucrezia plays on the big surge of hope caused by the salvation and the power of forgiveness to ease political tensions.


By the intervention of Spain, France is forced to withdraw, but Isabella of Spain demands a purge of the Jews from the Eternal City.


With a new pope crowned and order breaking down, Cesare finds himself with more and stronger enemies than ever.

11The Seven Sorrows

The episode is marked by Sorrows hitting the Borgia family. Kneeling before the tomb of Juan Vannozza pray the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows aloud. Lucrezia interrupts to ask about new secrets about their family she has heard. Vannozza refuses to answer but encouraged to meditate on Fifth pain. During his prayer, Lucrezia begins to understand the secret history of his family and is considering how to fix past mistakes.

11God's Monster

To prove himself worthy of the crown of Naples, Juan proposes to convert the Jews in a mass christening, but accidentally reveals a dark secret.


Cesare stands trial for treason against the Holy See and the Ten Commandments, with his old friend Niccolo Machiavelli as prosecutor.

12Who is Like God?

Alessandro Farnese, treasurer of the Vatican, announces that the signorie of Imola and Forli haven't paid their taxes. The pontiff then summons Caterina Sforza, the Regent, and her son, the heir of these principalities. Furious for being forced to pay high taxes, Caterina arranges a plan to assassinate the Pope. Meanwhile Cesare, at the head of an army of three hundred soldiers, manages to seize the duchy of Milan.

12The Serpent Rises

Cesare leads an investigative commission into Juan's death, but cannot find the guilty party and soon fears he himself killed his brother.


Cesare is brought to La Mancha and goes on trial before the Inquisition, while Lucrezia must use extreme measures to save her marriage.


Cesare's ultimate judgment is realized while Lucrezia struggles to make sense of her family's history and its future.