Os Mestres da Fritura (2021)




Louco por comida e sempre em busca de diversão, o crítico Daym Drops vai atrás das melhores frituras dos Estados Unidos.


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1St. Louis

Show-Me State showstoppers include toasted ravioli, a vegan chicken sandwich that doesn't call fowl, and a lauded chef's fried bologna bliss.


Heeding the call of low country cooking, Daym digs into a deep-fried chicken potpie, a fried catfish and collard taco, and a famed fish sandwich.

3Las Vegas

Jackpot! Vegas spots are treating high rollers to the freshest fried flavors, whether it's salmon-skin tacos, street noodles, or a golden-dusted burger.


In the Charm City, Daym gets cracking with crispy lobster fingers, a colossal crab sandwich and a seafood queen's prized crab cakes and rockfish.

5San Diego

Juicy rib-eye kicks off a sunny search for the perfect bite. Later, Daym savors deep-fried saltwater taffy and a chicken and waffle combo that sings.


The fun fries keep coming as Daym has a ball trying Rocky Mountain oysters, a Monte Cristo dog with turducken sausage, and sublime hogfish and lumpia.


The sweetest meat sends Daym up the mountain, to a country club and out to a soul food picnic on a quest for pig candy and deep-fried pork chops.


Cleveland rocks - with Polish boys, pierogies, deep-fried cheesesteaks, and mac and cheese topped with crispy burnt ends. The best bite's in sight.