Oshiete! Galko-chan (2016)

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A história gira em torno do dia a dia de Galko, Otako e Ojou, três estudantes do ensino médio que são amigas íntimas. Galko é uma menina um pouco desbocada, mas tem boa índole, e é popular em sua classe. Otako é uma menina que senta-se no canto da sala de aula, mas por alguma razão tem uma boa amizade com Galko. Ojou é uma cabeça de vento que muitas vezes fala com Galko e Otako.


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1É Verdade que Você é uma Gyaru?

Em uma escola comum, no Japão, amigas falam da vida, tiram dúvidas e falam dos garotos.

2Is It True That You're a Rich Girl?

Seeing Otako with feminine pads, Galko asks if she prefer pads over tampons. Otako answers she should be using tampons, but she’s reluctant to put it in there. While the two agrees wholeheartedly, Ojou appears carrying a tampon.

3Is It True That You're an Otaku Girl?

Galko's skin got really dark as a result of tanning. Otako comments that since Galko's skin has tanned so much, her nipples must be dark as well. Along with Ojou, Otako yells that Galko has dark nipples.

4Is It True That You Can't Help Moaning?

Galko compliments Ojou's pretty hands. Delighted, Ojou compares her hand with Otako's and comments on how small and cute it is. Seeing Galko stare at her own hand, Otako is worried that Galko is concerned about her large hands.

5Is It True That You're a Big Sister?

The Class President believes that the size of the boobs and intelligence are inversely proportional, so she thinks Galko is living a very carefree life. But, she changes her mind when she sees the bulletin board Galko was intensely staring at.

6Is It True That Underwear Is Embarrassing?

Seeing Galko's new lipstick, Otako explains that the lips have always represented the person's genitals. Otako adds that you can also tell the condition of a person's genitals by looking at the shape of their lips, to which Galko inadvertently hides her own lips

7Is It True About the Boy at the Pool?

Galko, Otako, and Ojou are at the water park. Otako hands Galko a razor believing that her armpit hair is shaggy because she forgot to shave them. Galko angrily says she never lets them get shaggy and shows them her smooth armpits.

8Is It True You Have Horrible Bed-head?

Charao, Supoo, and Otao discuss who in their class has the biggest boobs. Seeing Galko’s boobs sitting on the desk, Charao says he has no doubt it’s Galko. However, Supoo comments that Nikuko has large boobs too. Their discussion gets heated...

9Is It True You're Scared of Holes?

Otako greets Galko when she enters the classroom, but Galko doesn’t open her mouth and responds by gesture. Galko finally opens her mouth when Otako asks why she’s not talking. She explains that she’s concerned about her double teeth because the main character in the movie was too.

10Is It True You Come to School After Being Out All Night?

The boys are forced to run during P.E. Once they’re done, it’s the girl’s turn. The boys decide running is awesome when they see Galko running with her boobs swaying around. Then, the teacher instructs them to run again.

11Is It True That Butts Are Culture?

Otao is in the nurse’s office due to anemia. Feeling better, he tries to go back to class but decides to take a detour to the deserted hallway. While walking in the quiet hallway, he discovers wet towels on the floor...

12Is It True You're Friends Forever?

It was in April when cherry blossoms bloomed. Most of the cliques in the class have been established. Otako passes papers behind her when she notices Galko sleeping on her desk. Otako’s first impression of Galko was ”she must be a really dumb gyaru...”