Ousama Game The Animation (2017)

25mAnimação, Drama

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A história acompanha um estudante do ensino médio que se transferiu para uma escola no interior. Ele tem problemas em ganhar intimidade com seus colegas devido ao que aconteceu em sua antiga escola, mas pouco a pouco vai se enturmando. Até que todos os estudantes começam a receber mensagens do “Ousama”. Nenhum deles leva a sério, achando que é uma piada.


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1Begin Again (Break Again)

Transfer student Kanazawa Nobuaki has a secret--one that makes him afraid of making friends with his new class. His classmates aren't so easily pushed away, and start breaking down the wall around his heart. But it might all fall apart when the entire class recieves orders for something called the King's Game...

2Chaos (Scars Disorder)

Nobuaki begins to tell the story of the King's Game that happened at his old school to his new classmates, who have just witnessed the death of one of their own firsthand. The orders started out simple enough, but quickly escalated...

3Friendship (Melting Emotion)

Kenta comes to Nobuaki's rescue, but a suddenly changed Natsuko urges Mizuki to kill both of them. Then, Nobuaki continues the story of the last King's Game, which moved on to a deadly popularity vote...

4Breakthrough (Solution | Hades)

Nobuaki, Kenta, and Mizuki leave for the abandoned village where the first King's Game took place. On the trip, Nobuaki tells them what happened when he theorized that King was a member of his old class...

5Wail (Karma | Tears)

The death count rises as Nobuaki and classmates try to find a way out of the game. Can they figure out the meaning of the cryptic newest order before it kills them all?

6Revolt (Counter | Oppress)

Only ten members of Nobuaki's original class remain. This time, the number of lives that will be claimed is left up to a gruesome game of chance...

7Eternity (Forever | Dread)

Nobuaki, Kenta, and Mizuki arrive in Yonaki Village to search for clues about the first King's Game.

8Determination (Blood | Judgment)

Riona asks Nobuaki to meet her--and shares a secret about Natsuko. Plus, the new day brings with it a new order for everyone in class...

9Solidarity (Wedge | Binds)

Teruaki carries out a plan to take back the upper hand from Natsuko, who stole Teruaki and Nobuaki's phones--but will it work?

10Race (Evil | Run)

The next order is a race, and Nobuaki begins in dead last place...

11Advance (Forward | Invade)

Nobuaki and Riona are still in last place of the deadly race, with a scheduled punishment coming up--how will they decide who survives?

12Demise (End | Grudge)

The survivors of the race barely have any time to catch their breath before the next grotesque order arrives from King. Can Nobuaki and Natsuko put their differences aside to find a way to end the King's Game?