Pan de Peace! (2016)

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O anime desenrola-se à volta de Minami, uma menina que está a começar o ensino médio e que ama comer pão no café da manhã. Estes produtos de panificação trazem felicidade todos os dias a ela e aos seus colegas de classe Yu, Fuyumi e Noa.


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1I Made Bread Buddies

On her first day of school, Minami Tani, a girl who is obsessed with bread, befriends her classmates Yuu Aizawa and Fuyumi Fukagawa.

2This is a Weapon

Fuyumi introduces her friend, Noa Sakura, who looks and acts childlike despite being the same age.

3Fuwa Fuyu Bakery

The girls visit Fuyumi's family bakery, where they try some of their special breads before trying their hand at baking their own.

4In Pursuit of the Fabled Bread

The girls go to the school store to try and obtain a limited ciabatta sandwich.

5Yuu-chan's Dream

Yuu talks about her dreams of becoming a manga artist.

6Fuyumi-chan's Diet

The girls try to help Fuyumi lose weight by making miniature melon pan.

7The Sick Noa-chan!

The girls visit Noa, who is sick with a cold, and meet her little sister Ami.

8The New Bakery

Noa visits the Guillame French bakery, where she befriends a girl named Mai Kawai, prompting some jealousy from Fuyumi.

9The Cultural Festival

The girls hold a maid café at their school's culture festival, where Mai pays a visit.

10Intriguing Girl

Mai visits the FuwaFuyu bakery, where she and Fuyumi find some common interests.

11Let's Swim

The girls go to the pool to teach Noa and Yuu how to swim, unaware that Mai can't swim either.

12Slumber Party at the Vacation Home

The girls are invited to stay over at Mai's vacation home.

13Pan de Peace!

The girls recall all the memories they made thanks to their love of bread.