Paradise Kiss (2005)

23mAnimação, Drama, Comédia



Yukari vive sob a pressão de ser a melhor aluna da turma e trabalha muito para compensar o investimento de seus pais, deixando de ter tempo para o amor. Um dia dá de cara com um punk e pensando que vai ser assaltada, numa tentativa de fuga, tromba em um travesti e desmaia. Quando acorda está num sitio totalmente diferente e com pessoas totalmente diferentes.


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Yukari is a normal high school senior with plans to go to college. One day, she meets a group of fashion design students who want her to model their clothes. Will she do this, or continue to prepare for college?


After speaking with George and Miwako, Yukari is still debating whether or not she should model for Paradise Kiss.


When Yukari discovers that Miwako and Arashi were childhood friends of her crush, Tokumori, Yukari decides that they should reunite. Meanwhile, Yukari gives George her cell phone number and she finds herself anticipating his call.


Yukari tries to help the group design the outfit for the fashion show, but Isabella is concerned that it would interfere with her studies. George and Yukari end up alone after leaving the studio.


Yukari tells her mother about her involvement with the group from Paradise Kiss. But when Yukari can't convince her to listen, she decides to leave home. Arashi lets her move into his apartment, while he moves to his parents' house.

6New World

Yukari models Mikako's outfit for the photo shoot. After the shoot, George takes Yukari to Arashi's apartment.


Yukari tries to find a job, while she worries if leaving home and dropping out of the school was the right decision.


Yukari needs permission from her parents to work at a modeling agency, which is an issue for her. Tokumori calls Yukari and they meet and discuss her boyfriend (George). Then, when Yukari meets George's mother, she decides to change her life.


Yukari returns to school to take her exams and make up for the ones she missed. She studies any chance she can get, even missing sleep to do so. Meanwhile, the ParaKiss group feels a bit stressed as the fashion show is a few days away and the outfit isn't completed.


George uses the flowers from Isbella's garden for the fashion show in place of the confiscated accessories. Hamada-sensei introduces Shimamoto to a hopeful designer, Kaori Asou.


It's the day of the fashion show for the 3rd year students of Yazawa Gakuen.


Now that the fashion show is over, and everyone is graduating from their school, what will become of the members of Paradise Kiss?