Paripi Koumei (2022)

24mAnimação, Comédia

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Kongming, um dos mais importantes generais e estrategista dos contos dos 3 reinos enfrentou diversas batalhas até o fim de sua vida. Em seu leito de morte, Kongming desejou renascer em um mundo de paz, e isso foi atendido.


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1Kongming Descends Upon Shibuya

Did his dying wish transport Kongming to heaven or hell? He only know one thing for sure: The girl dressed as a devil has the voice of an angel!

2Kongming Uses a Stratagem

When a rival singer resorts to dirty tactics to get ahead, it’s up to Kongming to revive a mysterious, ancient strategy and bring about a decisive victory for EIKO!

3Kongming Learns of the Right Path to Take

Who is Kongming, really? Kobayashi is starting to think the strange man’s previous victory was a fluke. Only the REAL Kongming could create something from nothing... right?

4Kongming Lights the Way

The enigmatic Kongming’s latest stratagem leaves Eiko feeling off-beat. After a night of carefully plotted partying in Roppongi, can the pair find their rhythm again?

5Kongming Busts a Rhyme

Kabetaijin, an unrivaled freestyle rapper, quit the scene and fled into the shadows, but there is no foxhole deep enough to hide him from Kongming!

6Kongming’s Freestyle

Past and present collide when Kongming and Kabe face off in the most epic rap battle in history! Who will drop superior bars and walk away victorious?

7Plan for Peace Throughout the World, Vol. 1

Eiko must impress an important music producer, but finding your voice is no easy tactical feat. Perhaps she’ll find a comrade in arms on the streets of Shibuya…

8Searching for Oneself

Eiko and Kabe are missing something — something others have but they don't. Under Kongming's watchful eye, each strikes out on a mission to discover what that something is.

9For the Populace

Eiko and Nanami have struck an alliance, but opposing forces conspire to break them apart. Can they endure the enemy salvo, or will their truce collapse under the onslaught?


While Kabe engages an old rival in a rematch, Eiko marches headlong into battle against her own inner adversary, and Kongming recalls peaceful days past.

11Borrowing Arrows With Straw Boats

The climactic final battle is upon us! With Summer Sonia on the line, Kongming must devise the ultimate stratagem to bring about total victory and secure 100,000 likes.

12Eiko’s Song

It all comes down Kongming’s final gambit. Eiko will take to the stage in a direct confrontation with her friend-turned-rival, but will Nanami hear the song in Eiko’s heart?