Perseguindo Ondas (2023)


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Às vésperas da estreia do surfe na Olimpíada de Tóquio, a série é focada nas pessoas e nos locais que definem o alcance do Japão na cultura global do surfe. Esta série documental voltada para os personagens segue atletas multiculturais correndo atrás dos seus sonhos, pinta uma imagem cativante da vida japonesa e exibe o que é preciso para ter sucesso na indústria internacional do surfe.


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1Chasing the Dream

In the wake of surfing's Olympic debut in Tokyo, Chasing Waves shines a spotlight on the people and places that are defining Japan's reach in the global surf culture.

2Weight of a Nation

The weight of a nation rests on Team Japan as the athletes prepare for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics. Mahina Maeda and Kanoa Igarashi reflect on their multicultural identities.

3Rising Tide

In the wake of surfing's Olympic debut in Japan, we learn there are two types of surfers, those who compete, and those who are "free".


Family legacy is explored as surfers Sara Kohrogi and Connor O'Leary connect with their Japanese roots.

5Power of the Ocean

The raw power of the ocean is revealed as Mahina Maeda learns to surf big waves and Yuma Takanuki explores the 2011 T?hoku earthquake and a tsunami's devastating impact on the surf community in Fukushima.

6Ebb and Flow

As the surfers deal with loss and setbacks, some question their pursuit of competitive surfing.


Connor O'Leary fights for a comeback on the WSL Challenger Series, facing off against Olympic silver medalist Kanoa Igarashi in France.

8Sea of Change

As surfing becomes a permanent Olympic sport, the athletes look to the future. Mahina Maeda and Sara Kohrogi return to Japan to learn about a rite of passage they missed while growing up in America.