Pivoting: Rodando Na Vida (2022)




Em Pivoting, após a morte de sua melhor amiga de infância, três mulheres precisam lidar com a realidade que a vida é curta. Desesperadas para achar a felicidade, elas fazem decisões impulsivas e autoindulgentes, fortalecendo sua relação, mas acabando com os outros pilares de suas vidas.


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1If She Could See Us Now

Following the death of their childhood friend, three women make a series of life-altering decisions.

2My Friend Died!

Survivor's guilt causes Amy to spin out, thinking that death is around every corner. Jodie's relationship with her trainer seems to take on a new light after she has a heroic moment, and Sarah gets bullied for not slacking enough at her new "relaxing" job.

3The Giving Tree

In a desperate attempt to prove she's fun, Sarah drags Amy and Jodie out on a night of hijinks. Amy struggles to balance a work crisis and her new dedication to motherhood and Jodie's anxiety takes over after sending a flirty text to Matt without a response.

4Hell on Wheels

Sarah begins to dip her toes into the dating pool and enlists Amy and Jodie's help in vetting a woman whom she ran across on a dating app. Meanwhile, Amy's maternal instincts are tested when she learns Luke isn't fitting in with other kids. Then, Matt comes to Jodie for business advice, causing her to reflect on how she's appreciated within her own family.


Sarah, Amy and Jodie's made-up annual holiday, "D-Day," celebrates a major moment from Beverly Hills, 90210. Jodie clings to every aspect of the tradition, despite Coleen's absence. Meanwhile, Amy attempts to use the holiday as a day of respite from her family and Sarah worries she's too old to get back into the dating scene.

7Bounce, Baby

Amy learns that's Coleen's old cell phone number has been given to someone else and goes to great lengths to get it back. Meanwhile, Sarah continues to date, but is quickly reminded that Brian needs help setting up for Lila's first birthday party. Then, Jodie helps Matt organize his bedroom and they get closer than ever.

8Doompa-Dee Doo

After one of Luke's teachers asks Amy to share prescription pills, the teacher repays Amy by doing a good deed in return, forcing Amy and Henry to cover up the accidental bribe. Meanwhile, Jodie almost blows her cover with Matt and Sarah commits to saying "yes" to new things.

9Fans Only

Sarah and Jodie learn of a local mom's scandalous Fans Only page and become intrigued by the potential financial upside. Exhausted and baffled by Henry's inability to keep his hands off Amy, she tries to get to the bottom of this change in his behavior.

10Coleen In a Box

Amy, Sarah and Jodie each reach different crossroads and decide to put their issues on the backburner to celebrate Coleen's birthday. The ladies bring Coleen's ashes out for a girl's night that ends in turmoil.