Pretty Smart (2021)


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Chelsea é estudiosa, mas descobre que tem muito a aprender sobre a felicidade depois que é obrigada a morar com a irmã animada e outras três pessoas.


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1Guess what?! Claire’s sister is coming!

Über-intellectual Chelsea reconnects with her sister Claire in California, not knowing her brief stay may turn into something a bit more long-term.

2Get this! Chelsea got a package!

Chelsea refuses to get off the couch and snap out of her funk, much to her new roommates' rising frustration.

3Did you hear?! Chelsea ran into Margot!

After bumping into her archrival from high school, Chelsea tries to pretend she's the picture of success with some help from her roomies.

4Check this, Mama! It’s a Laura Dern party!

An alarming tarot card reading from Solana puts Grant on high alert. Meanwhile, Jayden's hotly anticipated Laura Dern party has an uninvited guest.

5Yikes! Grant asked Chelsea for a favor!

Eager to know if Claire likes him, Grant asks a reluctant Chelsea to do a little investigating. Solana searches for a macho Mr. Right.

6Here’s the tea! Jayden found a pottery twunk!

Jayden has eyes for a guy in his pottery class. Meanwhile, Solana pushes Chelsea to enter the wonderful world of online dating.

7Guys! It’s a Cody Briggs night!

Eager to be part of her roommates' inside joke, Chelsea goes on a mission to learn a little more about a previous tenant.

8OMG! Jayden’s mom is back!

Jayden confronts his mother about her online trolling. Meanwhile, Claire worries that Solana doesn't like her new boyfriend.

9Seriously though! Chelsea has writer’s block!

Chelsea starts exercising in hopes of breaking through writer's block. Jayden and Claire investigate Solana's suddenly strange behavior.

10I mean... just watch!

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