Recipe for Farewell (2022)

Dorama, Drama, Família

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Chang Rae está na casa dos 40 anos. Trabalha como tradutor e instrutor de humanidades. Sua esposa sofre de câncer de intestino terminal. Ela também tem dificuldades para comer, por causa de problemas digestivos. Ela pede a Chang Rae para cozinhar para ela todos os dias, mesmo que a única coisa que ele saiba fazer seja lámen. Chang Rae começa a cozinhar para sua esposa e ela come pequenos pedaços de sua comida, que ele cozinha comamor e cuidado.


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1The Tears of Japchae

Since Da-jung was diagnosed with cancer, Chang-wook, her husband, has been in charge of cooking. Their son, Jae-ho, is a senior in high school, and he is waiting for the results of his college admission to come out. Chang-wook cooks japchae for his family today.

2The Miracle of Space Warp, Dombe Noodles

Chang-wook makes dombe noodles for Da-jung. Da-jung is having a hard time trying to remember the beach on Jeju Island she went to with Jae-ho and her sister Da-sol about five years ago but refuses to look it up on the internet. Jae-ho asks Da-jung to get him a studio as a present so that he can live alone once he enters college.

3Do Gulbi!

Chang-wook’s students give him a set of gulbi as a year-end present. Jae-ho learns about Da-jung’s illness. Jae-ho doesn’t go to school and ignores Yeo-jin’s texts and phone calls because he’s disturbed by Da-jung’s condition, and Yeo-jin, who knows nothing about it, is upset.

4Rice Cake Soup on New Year's Day We Long For

Finally, the first edition of Hye-young’s new book is out, so Da-jung delivers it to Hye-young herself. Da-jung tells Min-young to think about taking over her publishing house. Chang-wook makes rice cake soup on New Year’s Day.

5We All Need Some Sweet Consolation

Jae-ho feels helpless regarding Da-jung's illness, so he even audits a class at the medical school and looks up home remedies on the internet. Da-jung visits a woodland burial site by herself to see what it looks like. Da-jung tells Chang-wook to sleep in her bed together.

6Separate Tangsuyuk

Chang-wook buys a Chinese wok and knife and learns the special tangsuyuk recipe to make it properly for Da-jung. Yeo-jin is upset because Jae-ho doesn't understand the frustration she feels as a repeater. Da-jung collapses in severe pain and is taken to the ER.

7What I Couldn't See Yesterday

Da-jung is administered to the hospital and not able to eat much food. As Da-jung says she wants to drink mango juice, Chang-wook makes various types of fruit juices for her. But the doctor says her condition is so serious that immediate surgery might not be possible.

8An Amazing Effect of No-Antibiotic Thinly-Sliced Pork Belly

Da-jung refuses to get surgery. But after a week of Chang-wook’s persuasion, Da-jung decides to get surgery. The surgery, which was expected to take longer than three hours, ends just in one and a half hours, making Chang-wook and Jae-ho worried.

9Feeling Joy Needs Training

Da-jung can eat food after the surgery, but she is still in pain as cancer has spread through her body. Chang-wook feels grateful that she can eat at least and tries his best to take care of her. To share the burden, the aunt in Sweden and Da-sol come to Korea, and Chang-wook cooks food to treat his wife’s family. And Da-sol and Hye-young are surprised to see that Chang-wook’s cooking skills have significantly improved.