Reformas de Luxo em Miami (2022)


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Os dois designers de maior sucesso de Miami não são apenas concorrentes, eles também são marido e mulher. Eilyn e Ray Jimenez estão deixando o sul da Flórida cada vez mais chique. Ela com uma estética minimalista, e ele com uma abordagem mais maximalista. Equilibrar as necessidades dos clientes endinheirados, a equipe de jovens designers, familiares próximos (alguns que também são prestadores de serviços) e o relacionamento de um com o outro não é fácil, mas esta dupla talentosa consegue dar conta de tudo e sempre com um saudável senso de humor.


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1Welcome to Miami

Eilyn and her team give a former NFL player's house an upgrade. Ray wraps up work on a luxurious French Colonial home on the waterfront.

2Delivering The Sexy

Eilyn scrambles to finish EJ's home before he returns from vacation. Ray struggles to share his team with a former business partner.

3The Job Offer

After offering Steven a full-time position, Ray anxiously awaits a response. Eilyn guides Camila through a last-minute project in Fort Lauderdale.

4Clash of the Designers

Eilyn faces new roadblocks as she renovates a home for a couple — and one for their pet snake. Juggling several projects, Ray finds himself understaffed.

5Cracks in the Foundation

Eilyn prepares a luxury beachfront condo for a photo shoot. Ray continues the search for new employees and his own office space.

6Biggest Project Yet

As progress falters on the Jimenezes' own home, the Sire team botches an important proposal. Ray channels his newfound energy into a longtime project.

7Ready to Launch

Eilyn rewards her team’s hard work as Sire takes on a lavish Miami Beach project. A remodel with a quick turnaround time proves challenging for Ray.

8Sailing Off into the Sunset

With both firms celebrating success, Eilyn plans an outing for the teams — and has a big surprise in store for her husband.