RErideD: Tokigoe no Derrida (2018)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Mistério



Em 2050, um jovem engenheiro Derrida Yvain fica famoso por sua contribuição no desenvolvimento da "Máquina Autônoma DZ", uma máquina da Rebuild, a empresa de seu pai. Mas quando ele e seu colega Nathan descobrem uma falha crítica no projeto, seus apelos são ignorados. No dia seguinte, logo após o aniversário de Mage, filha de Nathan, eles são atacados por forças desconhecidas e Derrida acaba confinado num êxtase criogênico. Dez anos depois, ele acorda - um homem fora de seu tempo em um mundo de guerra, assolado por formas de vida mecânicas que ele ajudou a criar. Agora, ele luta para sobreviver neste futuro assombroso e para cumprir sua promessa de "cuidar da Mage."


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1The Place He Awakened

In the year 2050, engineer Derrida Yvain becomes aware of a bug in a new line of androids developed by his company. His attempts to avert disaster are blocked off at every turn, and soon, he and his friend Nathan are forced to run for their lives!

2Who Is Left in the World

Derrida awakens from cryostasis ten years in the future, to find a world in ruins filled with rampaging androids. After being saved by a man named Vidaux, Derrida decides to fulfill his promise to Nathan by finding and protecting his daughter, Mage.

3Those Who've Come Together

Derrida stops by Nathan's old house, where he runs into Mage's best friend Yuri, who is now a young woman. Yuri devastates Derrida by informing him that Mage is dead... but his grief is cut short when they're attacked by a woman in black.

4The Time Leaper

To search for more clues about to Mage's whereabouts, Derrida and Vidaux infiltrate company building of Rebuild, the creator of the out-of-control androids. But to do so, they'll first need to navigate the underground tunnels and gain access to the city.

5That Which Is Not Wholly Abandoned

The group traces Mage's steps to a museum in the city of Vanfort. Derrida is struck by memories of visiting this place with his father when he was a child, and the strong memory spurs a sudden leap back to himself ten years before...

6Those Who Search, Those Who Conceal

Damages to Graham from repeated battles have taken their toll. While Vidaux walks to the city for repairs, Derrida and Yuri spend the night in an abandoned home, where Derrida begins experimenting with the mysterious "time ride" phenomenon.

7The Loves of Each

Derrida and Vidaux come to a new town looking for Yuri. But it turns out her kidnappers are from the government, and the conspiracy goes even deeper than expected...

8The Fate of Time

A trap set by Donna ends up leading the group to the man they're searching for. Can Derrida use time rides to save them all from their merciless pursuer?

9Strong Bonds

Vidaux's past with Mayuka is explored as the team makes a brutal charge through a DZ graveyard.

10Those Who Have Let Go

Five years ago after Derrida's tragedy, a reckless experiment gives birth to the entity known as Donna.

11A Quiet Place

Derrida and his friends make a final desperate run to the telescope facility where they believe Mage to be.

12Everything Goes Back to Where It Belongs

With the government closing in, Derrida rushes to find Mage, learn the truth, and make a final time ride to avert disaster.