RoboCop: A Série (1994)

42mSci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure, Comédia, Crime

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Alex Murphy é o RoboCop, um policial cibernético, que foi criado por uma vasta corporação a fim de ajudar as forças a combaterem o crime. Em Detroit, num futuro próximo, ele luta contra a violência que toma conta da cidade e ajuda a desvendar conspirações.


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1A MIssão Final

No futuro, um gênio do mal e um executivo unem-se para tomar o poder em Detroit. Usando um chip acoplado ao cérebro humano, eles tornam-se capazes de dominar as pessoas. Mas RoboCop une-se à policial Lisa Madigan para combater a dupla ameaça. Piloto de um mal-sucedido seriado de TV com RoboCop, exibido na TV americana entre 1994 e 1995. Foi lançado em vídeo no Brasil como se fosse um novo filme da franquia cinematográfica.

3Trouble in Delta City

Maddican and several other people in Delta City get hooked on some special diet pill which in turn has some deadly side-effects.

4Officer Missing

Maddigan and several other people in Delta City get hooked on some special diet pill which in turn has some deadly side effects.

5What Money Can't Buy

The boy from the last episode is transported to a hospital. A lung donor is prepared for him, but a terrorist and his girlfriend steal the lungs.

6Ghosts of War

A gang of war venterans gains control of Neurobrain protesting their exposure to deadly toxins.

7Zone Five

Old Detroit becomes flooded with FUN, a narcotic that "removes all sense of guilt", while Murphy's son is recruited by the street gang responsible for the drug.

8Provision 22

Murphy is torn between upholding the law and helping his family after his wife is arrested for leading a protest against OCP's privatized welfare system.

9Faces of Eve

Pudface intends to terminate RoboCop by using a new OCP product which transforms the user into any desired form.

10When Justice Fails

A new space shuttle with an international crew is set to launch, but the fuel it carries onboard is experimental. Robocop must fight his way through the world of corporate scandals and cover-ups in order to prevent a major disaster from occuring.

11The Human Factor

A bomber is on the loose in Detroit, and even though OCP deploys a new bomb squad to deal with the situation, former police officer Russel Murphy, father of Alex Murphy, cannot stand by and watch. Robocop and Murphy (who is skeptical about working with a machine) team up to try and stop madman Felix Weber before Michigan finds itself in the state of Nuclear Winter.

12Inside Crime

Pudface Morgan draws big ratings when OCP launches a television show that follows the exploits of criminals.

13RoboCop vs. Commander Cash

Children have been robbing stores because their favourite cartoon hero, OCP's corporate mascot Commander Cash, has told them to. While searching for an answer as to why these children are acting so violently, Robocop finds himself battling Commander Cash himself.


Robocop uncovers a plot by a gunrunner to assassinate OCP's chairman, while Madigan falls for a magician who may be involved in the plan.

15Tin Man

Não temos uma sinopse em Português do Brasil. Você pode ajudar a ampliar o nosso banco de dados adicionando uma.

16Sisters in Crime

A group of violent feminists kidnap the Chairman of OCP and force him to live the life of a housemaid while keeping him locked up.


After learning that Robocop was once officer Alex Murphy, a madman tries to commit crimes by holding his wife hostage.

18Mother's Day

Robocop suspects Gadget's natural mother is involved in a plot with Russian crime boss Vlad Molotov and his sidekick Nadia.


A former government official forces a scientist to create microscopic robots to commit crimes. Meanwhile, Madigan is crippled in a bus crash.

20Corporate Raiders

Robocop and Madigan battle a corrupt union leader and his secretary as they pursue an ex-terrorist.

21Midnight Minus One

Robocop and Madigan race the clock to save an innocent man from being executed as a convicted killer.

22Public Enemies

Robocop attempts to thwart an assassination plot by Dr. Mallardo, Chip Chayken and Pudface Morgan.