Sagrada Reset (2017)

24mAnimação, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Quase metade da população de Sakurada, uma pequena cidade perto do Oceano Pacífico tem algum tipo de poder único. Esses poderes variam desde ser capaz de entrar na mente de um gato, até resetar o mundo de volta a um certo ponto no tempo no passado. Há um grupo conhecido como o "Kanrikyoku" que controla e monitora o uso desses poderes. Asai Kei e Haruki Misora trabalham para um clube da escola chamado clube "Houshi", que executam todas as missões recebidas do Kanrikyoku. Misora tem a capacidade de resetar o mundo de volta em 3 dias. Isso significa que todos os eventos e qualquer memória dos últimos 3 dias que "poderiam ter" acontecido, nunca aconteceram. Kei tem a capacidade de "lembrar" do passado. Mesmo depois de Misora usar seus poderes para resetar o mundo de volta 3 dias, Kei vai manter esses 3 dias em sua memória. Combinando seus poderes, esses dois resolvem missões emitidas pelo Kanrikyoku.


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1Memory in Children 1/3

Kei receives a letter from Sumire and is perplexed. When he meets Misora instead of Sumire, she resets time and he’s left with more questions than answers.

2Memory in Children 2/3

The Bureau comes to take Mari, away. Using Misora’s Reset ability, Kei goes back in time to stop the event from happening. However, doing so may come at great cost.

3Cat, Ghost, and Revolution Sunday 1/2

Kei and Misora receive a Service Club request to revive a dead cat, but the request, and the intentions of the client, raise more questions than answers.

4Cat, Ghost, and Revolution Sunday 2/2

A dead cat, a ghostly friend, and a client with dark motives. With Kei and Misora’s lives in danger, Misora resets, putting them back at the start of their strange case.

5Marble World and Candy Resist

When Kei and Misora first joined the Service Club, they took a case involving a girl trapped in a marble. Before Misora resets, Kei tries to understand the girl’s ability.

6Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 1/3

A client appeals to the Service Club, claiming that a girl with red eyes has stolen his ability. As Kei investigates, he learns more about the Macguffin’s mysterious history.

7Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 2/3

Misora resets after Eri tries to steal her ability. With only a few days left, Kei tries to understand what connects Eri to the MacGuffin, the old man, the witch, and Sumire.

8Witch, Picture and Red Eye Girl 3/3

Eri Oka remains at large, and Kei has another encounter with the Witch within an old photo. With both of their lives at stake, what can he do to save them both?

9Strapping / Goodbye is Not an Easy Word to Say

Two years ago, Kei and Misora got involved in their first case: helping a young boy. With the shadow of Sumire’s death hanging over them, Kei decides to investigate her death.

10Memory in Children 3/3

Kei begins to develop a plan to meet Sumire again, just as the witch said. As his theory takes shape, he wonders if reviving a dead girl is the right thing to do after all.

11A Certain Day’s Haruki-san

Friendship is still a foreign concept to Misora. After an attempt to hang out with Seika, Misora discovers that Kei is sick and might need a friend to nurse him to health.

12One Hand Eden 1/4

With his goal met, Kei must now deal with the reality of Sumire’s existence. At the same time, he begins investigating an ability that takes people in the world of dreams.

13One Hand Eden 2/4

The mechanics of the dream world are still wrapped in mystery. A visit to the "Stray Cat House Man" may shine some light on the truth.

14One Hand Eden 3/4

Kei and Misora meet with Chiruchiru, which leads to a very interesting conversation where more truths are revealed about the world.

15One Hand Eden 4/4

In the dream world, there was God, a monster, and a girl. As Kei pieces the mystery together, he asks Misora to Reset in hopes of saving another lost soul.

16Boy, Girl and — 1/4

Sumire begins to manipulate the strings that bind the fate of those in Sakurada. Meanwhile, Kei tries to find the balance in his relationship with Misora.

17Boy, Girl and — 2/4

A series of incidents involving ability users raises a red flag in Kei’s mind. Someone is manipulating memories in Sakurada, but why?

18Boy, Girl and — 3/4

The Bureau makes its final move to purge Sakurada of abilities by enlisting the help of the most dangerous ability user. Kei races to stop them before it’s too late.

19Boy, Girl and — 4/4

The Bureau’s plan begins to accelerate. Sumire visits Kei and reveals why she had to die. Misora, meanwhile, finds herself in Masamuna’s cross-hairs for ability removal.

20Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 1/5

Abilities begin to fade, and even Kei is losing his memory. With Sumire and Misora living as their middle school selves, are all their memories doomed to be rewritten?

21Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 2/5

With Misora’s Reset, Sumire manages to gives her precognitive abilities to Kei. Using both their abilities, Kei makes a last attempt to stop Masamune’s plans for Sakurada.

22Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 3/5

To stop Masamune’s plan, Kei approaches the last person he can think of for help: Eri Oka. Using the Reset, Kei tries to devise a plan to save abilities in Sakurada.

23Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 4/5

Would Sakurada really be better off if abilities didn’t exist? Kei and Masamune’s values clash as they both try to define the true meaning of reality.

24Boy, Girl and the Story of Sagrada 5/5

Sumire collapses and no one can wake her. To save her, Kei returns to the dream world where she gives him an ultimatum that may cost him his life.