Saikin, Imouto no Yousu ga Chotto Okashiinda ga (2014)

25mAnimação, Comédia



Nesta comédia romântica, uma garota chamada Kanzaki Mitsuki passa a viver com seu meio-irmão Yuuya após sua mãe casar novamente. Certo dia, Mitsuki é possuída pelo espírito autoproclamado de uma garotinha, Kotobuki Hiyori. Hiyori (no corpo de Mitsuki) deve se apaixonar por Yuuya para seguir para os "Portões do Paraíso".


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1Mitsuki SOS

Mitsuki has been troubling herself over her relationship with her new family and her new older brother now that her mother's remarried. To top it off, her mother is following her new step-father to his post abroad, leaving her all along with her new step-brother, Yūya, and only making her troubles worse...

2Shining Amidst the Storm

Thanks to the ghost girl Kotobuki Hiyori, Mitsuki is forced to wear an indencetly shaped chastity belt around her crotch. In order to get the device off, Mitsuki will have to satisfy Hiyori so she can pass on by using her own body to experience all the kinds of things lovers would with Yūya.

3Heavy-Hanging Fruit

Mitsuki and Yūya are both locked in the bathroom naked?! The one who saved them was Kiritani Yukina, aka "Yuki-nee", Yūya's childhood friend who moved back in next door. With the appearance of a powerful rival who's an older woman, a childhood friend, and has big breasts unlike Mitsuki, Hiyori panics.

4Heartcatch Hiyori-san

After declaring that Mitsuki was a failure as a little sister, she decides to set an example through action. She borrows Mitsuki's body, fixes breakfast in an apron, and goes shopping together with her brother. Mitsuki watches how well they get along in her spirit form, feeling mixed feelings about it.

5Naughty Body Snatcher

By coincidence, Mitsuki meets up with Yuuya, Yukina, and the others at a water park. But due to her worries about the chastity belt she covered with her pareo, she couldn't go in the water, and she was left sulking by the poolside as she watched the others happily having fun.

6Oh! A Ghost!

Yuuya is left confused by Mitsuki's unstable attitude. He doesn't really understand the girl with wings (Hiyori) that he keeps seeing from time to time either. Meanwhile, thanks to her chastity belt, Mitsuki was extremely depressed from the embarassment of getting caught in it.

7Fumbling Around? Club Activities

Ayaka invites Mitsuki to join her in observing the various sports clubs, and Mitsuki agrees. When she borrows Hiyori's ability, Mitsuki is able to display incredible physical prowess, but she never had any interest in such clubs.

8Alone Together at the Aquarium

Yuuya recieves tickets to the aquarium from Neko. The moment she sees them, Hiyori hijacks Mitsuki's body, and decides that the two of them are going to the aquarium together.

9Battle Heater & Iron Chef

Tomorrow there's a math test, and that's when Aunt Nanami finished moving in to the Kanzaki household and set out the kotatsu. Mitsuki decided to study under the warm kotatsu, but soon begins falling asleep instead.

10Kanzaki Mitsuki Wants to Live in Peace

After fighting over a trivial matter, Hiyori throws a fit and leaves. Mitsuki even enjoys the chance to finally have some time alone to herself for the first time in a while. However, during her dinner with Yuuya, she notices her own heart aching at his little behaviors.

11Ghost ~Phantom in the Bath~

Mitsuki won tickets to a hot spring at a lottery, so she ends up traveling together with Yuuya as well as Nanami, Yukina, Ayaka, Neko, Torii, and his little sister. Once they arrive, the girls head straight for the outdoor bath, but Mitsuki wasn't feeling very happy.

12Farewell, Hiyori-chan

Mitsuki's his little sister, and Yukina is an older sister figure. To Yuuya, both of them are precious "family members". But on one morning of their stay at the hot-springs, Neko hypnotizes Yuuya to "be more honest", and he calls Mitsuki "really cute" and gropes Yukina's breasts.