Samurai X (1996)

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Batizada originalmente de Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai X é ambientada nos primeiros anos da Era Meiji no Japão. Durante 10 anos, Kenshin vagou pelo Japão até encontrar abrigo no Dojo Kamiya, onde a jovem Kaoru Kamiya lecionava kendo no estilo Kamiya Kashin (Espada para a Vida). A errante caminhada do jovem ronin tinha um propósito: Visualizar as inúmeras mortes que causara durante o Bakumatsu quando era um hitokiri (assassino retalhador) a serviço da Ishin Shishi (monarquistas que desejavam a restauração do governo para as mãos do imperador), do feudo de Choushuu. Nessa época, Kenshin ficou conhecido como Hitokiri Battousai, por sua grande habilidade com o Battoujutsu, técnica que em um movimento contínuo saca a espada e realiza o corte. Mesmo com a vitória dos monarquistas que culminou na derrubada do Shogunato Tokugawa, dando origem à Era Meiji, Kenshin, arrependido pelas inúmeras vidas que tirou, decide nunca mais matar. Mesmo terminando sua longa jornada, o ex-hitokiri terá de brandir novamente sua sakabatou (espada em que a lâmina encontra-se no dorso) para enfrentar novos e velhos inimigos.


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1Kenshin Battousai, o Espadachim Legendário

A mysterious wanderer known as Kenshin is taken at the Kamiya Kasshin Dojo, a martial arts school run by a young woman named Kaoru.

2O Aluno Rebelde

Following an encounter with a young pickpocket named Yahiko, Kaoru risks her own freedom to gain his from some local gangsters.

3O Homem que Deixou o Passado

After reining in some renegade police officers, Kenshin is recognized as the Samurai whose bravery helped establish the Meiji Era and is asked to rejoin the army.

4O Lutador Sanosuke

Gohei enlists a vicious street-fighter known as Sanosuke to seek revenge against Kenshin. And even though Kenshin exposes Gohei's plan, Sanosuke makes it clear that the two of them will fight each other one day.

5Kenshin Contra Zanza

After accepting Sanosuke's challenge, Kenshin encourages him to release his anger towards the corrupt Royalist forces.

6O Visitante que Veio das Trevas

With a ruthless ex-Samurai killing high ranking politicians, the Chief of Police asks Kenshin to catch him. But as Kenshin confronts the deadly Jin-nai Udo, Kaoru's efforts to stop the battle end with her kidnapping.

7A Grande Luta

After kidnapping Kaoru, the ruthless Jin-nai Udo draws Kenshin into the fight he's been seeking for years. Though Kenshin tries to resist, Jin-nai's powerful spell over Kaoru leaves him no other choice.

8A Mulher Misteriosa

When local gangsters threaten the life of a beautiful woman, Kenshin and Sanosuke step in to save her.

9Uma Gangue Poderosa

Though her medical knowledge has saved Yahiko's life, Sansosuke suspects Megumi of producing the opium responsible for a close friend's death.

10A Tentativa de Um Resgate

Having pledged to save Megumi, the Peace Force must first take on a band of ruthless drug dealing mobsters. But when a rift inside the gang leads to a change in leadership, Kenshin must confront a fighter whose powers he's underestimated.

11Uma Colisão Entre a Luz e as Trevas

Kenshin defeats a local mob's most powerful fighter, only to then face a gang leader who's determined to spread powerful new guns across Japan.

12O Nascimento de Um Espadachim

When a criminal gang threatens a young girl he loves, Yahiko seeks Kenshin's advice on how to defend her in a lopsided fight.

13O Lutador de Sumô

After jealous harassment forces an aspiring young man out of a sumo wrestling school, Kaoru steps in to take over his training.

14A Médica Nova na Cidade

After a shady faith healer discredits her medical skills, Megumi's patients abandon her. And once a worried family panics and pays the phony shaman to heal their sick daughter, Megumi must intervene in order to save the young girl's life.

15Os Retalhadores Legendários

A group radicals intent on assassinating political leaders attempt to recruit a local teacher into their cause. After finding that Heihachiro is a former foe who's now dedicated his life to helping children, Kenshin steps in to repel the assassins.

16A Hora da Verdade

After saving Heihachiro's life, Kenshin sets out to stop the teacher's misguided former student from being used as a pawn in a game of political corruption.

17Marimo, o Canhão Humano

Kenshin protects a circus ringmaster and his talented human cannonball daughter from the threats of a jealous competitor.

18A Luta de Yahiko

After stopping a restaurant robbery, Yahiko's boastfulness lands him in trouble with Kenshin's old foe, Gohei Hiruma. And once Yahiko agrees to a fight, Gohei uses the opportunity to steal Kenshin's Reverse Edged Sword.

19A Fantasia do Reino Proibido

While on vacation at the home of Dr. Gensai's niece, Kenshin and company attracts the attention of a wealthy but arrogant boy who wants to learn the art of swordfighting.

20A Volta do Estilo Shinko

Though Kenshin tries to warn him of the bad influence, Yutaro continues to believe in Raijuta, unaware that the renegade is using him plot his revolution. So, when he's told that the government is out to stop him, Yutaro sneaks away to warn Raijuta.

21A Ambição de Raijuuta

After learning the truth behind Raijuta's duplicitous plan, an injury sidelines Yutaro, leaving Kenshin to fight the renegade Samurai alone.

22A Viagem de Trem

During a train trip to Yokohama, Kenshin and his friends must save a wealthy English passenger from being robbed by thieves.

23Sanosuke Volta ao Passado

An artist's work leads Sanosuke to a reunion with an old army comrade, Tsukioka. But when his old friend wants him to join in avenging the death of their former leader, Sanosuke must stop him.

24Kenshin Contra Sanosuke

Following a lavish party at the dojo, Sanosuke can no longer resist joining his old army troop's plot to punish the government. However, in an effort to stop them, Kenshin is forced to take on Sanosuke.

25O Navio Pirata

In order to earn money for their dojo, the Peace Force signs on to help protect a merchant ship from pirates. However, to keep Kaoru from falling into the hands of the pirate's female leader, Shura, Kenshin offers himself in exchange.

26A Famosa Pirata Shura

After Kenshin's kidnapping, a bond begins to develop between him and Shura. However, while Shura is confident in the loyalty of her crew, the profits to be made from dealing opium draws them into a mutinous plan.

27O Fim dos Piratas

After her trusted colleagues betray Shura, it's left up to Kenshin to save her life and stop the pirate's opium smuggling scheme.