Seijo no Maryoku wa Bannou Desu (2021)

24mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história acompanha Sei, uma funcionaria de 20 anos que é invocada em um mundo completamente novo para se tornar a Santa que irá libertar o reino da magia negra que os aterrorizam. Entretanto, por conta de um erro na sua invocação, uma segunda garota é trazida junto de Sei que, para a sua surpresa, acaba se tornando mais popular e requisitada que ela.


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When the Kingdom's mages summon not one, but two Saints, and the first is whisked off towards grandeur and glory, the second, older woman, Sei, must make a new life in a fantasy realm.


Sei revolutionizes Salutania's culinary arts. A handome high-ranking man expresses his heartfelt thanks to Sei for saving his life. Sei makes a new friend and finds a new passion for cosmetics.


The Knight Commander takes Sei out on a shopping trip to the Kingdom's capital. Sei learns a new craft from a powerful mage.


After learning about her summoned counterpart's struggles, Sei is forced to come to an uncomfortable conclusion. Soon after, Sei's foray into healing magic changes her world forever.


Unable to keep her mysterious powers under wraps, Sei meets with the Grand Magus to determine if she is the Saint. The King of Salutania calls Sei to court.


Sei begins her magic training in earnest, tutored by none other than the Grand Magus himself. Commander Hawke and Liz assist Sei with learning the how to be ladylike.


When the Kingdom's mages summon a Saint, Aira is whisked off towards grandeur and glory. Now ward to the Crown Prince and unable to return home, Aira must make a new life in a fantasy realm.


Sei discovers a powerful new aspect of her Saintly nature. When she joins the Knights for a dangerous expedition, Sei must use all she's learned to keep her friends safe.


Still unable to replicate her lifesaving conjury, Sei continues her training--then stumbles into an argument between Liz and Prince Kyle about her Sainthood. Aira makes a new friend.


Sei travels to Klausner's Domain. When she's introduced to a masterful alchemist, Sei learns new things about potion-making--and her own powers.


Sei struggles to come to terms with the conditions for casting the Saint's conjury. The party of Knights, mercenaries, and mages sets off into the treacherous woods.


When the fighting in Klausner's Woods grows fraught, it's up to Sei and her Saintly conjury to cleanse the forest and restore it to its former glory.