Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai (2013)

23mAction & Adventure, Animação, Comédia



Hagiwara Sakura e Miyazawa Erena são as protagonistas do Sweet Diva, um popular grupo de idols. Certo dia, durante a gravação de um programa de TV, Erena se machuca com o ataque dado pela lutadora profissional Kazama Rio; a partir disso, Sakura abandona a carreira de idol e começa a participar de lutas profissionais femininas, a fim de se vingar por Erena.


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1An Idol Wrestler Is Born!

Pop princess Sakura is drawn into the brutal world of women's professional wrestling after sadistic lady brawler by the name of Rio humiliates one of her fellow idols!

2Pro Debut!

After some grueling training and an agonizing initiation ritual, Sakura makes her pro wrestling debut!

3Give Up

Sakura's heartbreaking losing streak reaches double digits, and her fans begin to lose faith. The idol considers quitting, but a sparring session with Misaki may change her mind!

4Now This Is Pro Wrestling

Thanks to some special training from Misaki, the beautiful and determined Sakura is ready for her next match! Will her hard work finally pay off?

5The Night Before the Decisive Fight

Sakura continues to push her body to the breaking point under the watchful eye of Misaki - but what she really needs is a signature move worthy of an idol!

6Revenge Match

Sakura finally turns her idol training into a formidable signature move. Basking in the glow of her first victory, the brawling beauty vows to work even harder!

7The World Champion Comes to Japan

The return of world champ Jackall Tojo - and an unexpected injury to Misaki - lands Sakura a coveted spot in a very special wrestling match!

8The Power of the World Champ

Despite her growing strength, improved technique, and signature move, Sakura is defeated by a true champion. Undaunted, the idol-turned-wrestler is eager for another shot at the top!

9The Astounding Newbie

A fighter with a background in karate officially joins the ranks, and Sakura is challenged by a mysterious masked wrestler!

11Pure Soul!

Sakura and her old friend Elena pummel each other provocatively in sweaty, sexy grudge match for the ages!

12To the World

The spirited, and sadistic, match between Sakura and Elena reaches its epic, pulse-pounding climax!