Seven Knights Revolution: Eiyuu no Keishousha (2021)

24mAnimação, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A história se passa em um mundo onde escolhidos, conhecidos como Sucessores, recebiam poderes de heróis lendários para lutar contra as forças do mal. O enredo segue Faria, uma jovem que faz parte da Seven Knight, um grupo seleto de Sucessores que luta contra as tropas da Destruição. Durante um confronto, ela salva Nemo, que desperta poderes de Sucessor, mas ninguém consegue dizer qual herói lendário está emprestando seus poderes para o rapaz.


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1Awakening -Succession-

Faria, successor to Eunomia of the Seven Knights, saves a boy named Nemo in a village under attack by monsters. Nemo awakens his own successor power during the fight, and what he does stuns even Faria!

2Chance Encounter -Granseed-

After arriving at Granseed Academy, Nemo is inducted into the Seven Knights, and meets its idiosyncratic members. Jou Tsurugi, successor to the hero Spike, takes an immediate dislike to the weak-willed Nemo.

3Hero -Seven Knights-

When the Seven Knights fight together for the first time, Gildan begins to feel eclipsed by Nemo's power. As fear overtakes him, darkness follows.

4Friendship -Connection-

Nemo is laid up after the last battle, with Faria nursing him back to health. While the others speculate about the dark power that overtook Gildan, Nemo and Faria end up tracking down a runaway cat!

5Rampancy -Physis-

Nemo offers his help when a series of vampire attacks strikes the campus. Shirley refuses his aid, hoping to solve the incident alone... but it turns out the vampire is after Shirley herself!

6Holiday -Festival-

The school is preparing for its annual festival. While the rest of the students worry about finding a partner for the night's dance, Claire struggles to find a way to be useful to Gareth.

7Sortie -Apocalypse-

The council orders an all-out offensive against the forces of Physis in Burgot Volcano. Once inside the stronghold, Faria, Nemo, and Shirley come face to face with three new hero successors... who fight in the name of destruction!

8Rivalry -Conflict-

While Gareth pursues secrets in Granseed Academy, Amis Germain's plots appear to be on the verge of fruition. As the three students of Granseed struggle against the "synthetic successors"... Nemo makes a confession!

9Conclusion -End Times-

While Reda joins the fight against Amis Germain and his overwhelming power, Gareth learns the secret of the old library from Sophitia.

10Conviction -Punishment-

Nemo reveals the truth of his past while facing the accusations of his friends. In desperation to help him, Faria asks Eunomia to tell her the truth.

11Reprisal -Counterattack-

Nemo goes on the run with Faria and Reda. Meanwhile, the curse of Granseed Academy is unleashed, putting the world itself at stake!

12Finale -Nemo-

Sophitia attempts to bestow her final "salvation" on the world, becoming an avatar of the god of destruction and wreathing Granseed in flames. But the Seven Knights won't let it happen!