Shakespeare & Hathaway - Private Investigators (2018)

45mComédia, Drama, Mistério

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Frank Hathaway, a hardboiled private investigator, and his rookie sidekick Lu Shakespeare form the unlikeliest of partnerships as they investigate the secrets of rural Warwickshire's residents.


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1Outrageous Fortune

When a pampered pet runs away from a life of luxury, Frank and Lu are tasked with tracking down the hound.

2The Play's the Thing

When a LARP battle in the woods goes wrong, Lu and Frank must clear the Queen's name and catch the culprit.

3This Cursed Hand

A missing person's case turns to murder as Frank and Lu investigate the disappearance of an eastern European oligarch.

4Beware the Ides of March

Frank and Lu investigate a series of deadly 'accidents' on a psychic TV programme hosted by two warring sisters.

5No More Cakes and Ale

In a race against the clock, Frank and Lu must track down a vital witness in a crown court trial.

6The Offered Fallacy

Frank and Lu must clear their names when they are framed for various crimes by some mysterious doppelgangers.

7Nothing Will Come of Nothing

Frank and Lu investigate a missing person's case at a casino, where gambling is a matter of life or death.

8In My Memory Lock'd

When an amnesiac wanders into their lives, Frank and Lu must work out what happened to him.

9The Envious Court

Frank and Lu investigate a death threat at Runningbrook, an exclusive tennis club which hides a toxic threat.

10Too Cold for Hell

Tracking a local conman, Frank and Lu make some unlikely allies when they encounter a pair of deadly gangsters.