Shinigami Bocchan to Kuro Maid (2021)

24mAnimação, Comédia, Drama

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A história acompanha o atual Duque da Morte, responsável por tomar a vida de tudo aquilo que toca. Ao seu lado está sua sempre fiel empregada, Alice. Juntos os dois passam o dia aproveitando os pequenos momento da vida na companhia um do outro.


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1The Duke and Alice

A teenage boy lives deep in the forest, far away from his family and cursed to kill anything he touches. His maid, Alice, is constantly teasing him and getting far too close for comfort…

2The Duke, His Butler, and a Lost Cat

Having recovered from a back injury, the Duke's elderly butler Rob resumes his post. But while his work is flawless, some of his five senses aren't quite up to snuff. Meanwhile, a couple of unexpected guests pay a visit to the Duke's mansion…

3The Duke and the Meteor Shower During the Full Moon

After losing a bet to Alice, the Duke agrees to take her to the town’s masquerade festival. But the two get separated when the Duke, clad in a clunky, steel costume to protect others from his touch of death, gets carried away by the crowd…

4The Duke, Alice, and Memories of Snow

When Alice loses one of her mother’s earrings in the snow, the Duke goes out into the cold, dark night to look for it. Meanwhile, a lost witch finds the Duke lying unconscious in the snow and decides to help him. Does she know how to break his curse?

5The Duke, a Crow, and Ice Skating

As the Duke recovers from a fall and a hit on the head while out ice skating with Alice, he encounters a talking white crow. He thinks he may be imagining things, but then he learns that the crow happens to be searching for a lost witch named Cuff...

6The Duke, Alice, and a Night in the Witches' World

The night of the blood moon has arrived, and Cuff and Zain show up at the Duke’s mansion to take him to the witches’ sabbath. What will he do if he finds the witch that cursed him there?

7The Duke's and Alice's Uneventful Day

With the witches' sabbath over and the Duke no closer to ridding himself of his curse, he and Alice spend the day trying out various enchanted items to break the curse, with hilarious results…

8White Snow, Black Clothes

On a snowstormy night, Alice is reminded of when she first began working as the Duke's maid. Despondent and holed up in his dark, messy room, the Duke can't even remember who Alice is and is ready to dismiss her. How will she get him to open his heart?

9The Duke, Alice, and the Christmas Eve Vow

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Duke’s friends and family are planning to gather at his mansion for a Christmas party. The gang’s all going to be there: Alice, Rob, Cuff, Zain, and Viola. But when Walter sees Viola depart and decides to tail her…

10The Duke, Alice, and a Song for Two

Alice struggles with conflicting emotions after she learns from the Duke that he would break ties with his family if his mother doesn’t approve of them getting married after his curse is broken.

11The Duke and Secret Magic

While searching the main residence, Viola stumbles upon an old servants’ logbook from around the time the Duke got cursed. When she gives it to Alice, Daleth finds out and makes a move to have it destroyed. What is it that Daleth wants kept secret?

12Together with the Duke...

The Duke's mother summons him to the main residence and gives him an ultimatum. But the Duke has something to tell her as well…