Shinsekai Yori (2012)

25mAnimação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Em um Japão a um milênio de agora, cinco crianças – os protagonistas Saki, Satoru, Maria, Mamoru e Shun – nasceram e cresceram em uma tranquila cidade que pode ser descrita como uma utopia, transbordada de água e folhagem verde. O mundo é governado por pessoas que tem o “poder amaldiçoado” ou o “poder dos Deuses” da telequinesia. Depois de um certo incidente, Saki e os outros perceberam a verdadeira natureza de seu mundo. Pouco tempo depois, eles aprenderam tudo, incluindo a história sangrenta que trouxe a humanidade a este estado. Os cinco se atiram em uma aventura que ameaça suas vidas, e em lutas pra proteger amigos em um mundo à beira do colapso.


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1The Season of New Leaves

Saki is the last of her friends of finally to be touched by a Blessing Spirit, but at the Unified Class her skills are lacking. And talk of missing children taken by the trickster cat continues to scare her.

2Vanishing Children

Another student is removed from the roster. Saki uses her power outside of class.

3The False Minoshiro

The group has rowed past their designated safe areas in search of monsters. What they find is worse than what they originally imagined.

4Bloody History

As the library continues to explain the history of the world, a danger looms in the background.


Saki has figured out a way to help her and Satoru to escape, but in their escape they are thrown deeper in the war between the clans.

7Summer Darkness

Satoru is getting tired and his power is waning and the Earth Spider Colony army is much larger than expected. When all seems lost, help comes from an ally that could be much more dangerous.

11Distant Thunder in Winter

Saki fears the Ethics Committee is somehow altering the memories of her and her classmates. But when Mamoru has a breakdown, Saki is asked to quit looking for answers.

12Weak Link

Saki sits down with head of the ethics committee, Asahina Tomiko. Asahina begins to tell her the other side of the town’s history.


When Mamoru runs away, his friends do what any good friends do - they try to find him. But on their search, they soon discover that they aren't the only ones tracking him.


Saki and Satoru have returned to the village, but upon arrival Saki is ushered to a meeting with the Education Committee. Her fate is now in the hands of the adults who know all her secrets.


While searching for Maria and Mamoru, Saki and Satoru meet their old friend Squealer. He invites them to the new Robber Fly colony where things have changed greatly, but where is the Queen?

21The Fire that Destroys the World

As Niimi stays behind to fulfill Tomiko’s last order, Saki and Sataru head toward the Temple of Purification. When they get there they learn the true extent of Yakomaru’s true plan.

23The Face of the Boy

Kiroumaru has suggested that they split up to distract their pursuers, but are his intentions noble?

24Torchlight in the Darkness

Things become increasingly more complicated after Inui faces the ultimate fate, Kiroumaru is suspected of being a traitor, and Saki has second thoughts about killing the ogre.

25From the New World

After all the scores are settled, ten years go by. Saki and Satoru hope for a better world.