Shirobako (2014)

24mDrama, Animação, Comédia

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Cinco meninas perseguem seus sonhos. A história gira em torno dos problemas e dificuldades que ocorrem quando se trabalha na indústria de animes todos os dias, e os resultados e os conflitos que acontecem no dia-a-dia entre o grupo de meninas.


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1Exodus to Tomorrow!

The members of the Kaminoyama Animation Club, Aoi, Ema, Shizuka, Misa and Midori swore upon donuts that one day, they would all work in the anime industry. Two and a half years later, they are heading toward those dreams and all the hardships that come with them. Aoi is now working as a production assistant at an animation studio and doing her best. After getting key frames from one of the animation supervisors, she returns to the office but there's no one around.

2Arupin is Here!

Aoi is panicking a little at the fact that episode four is a little behind. She manages to enlist the help of Endou, the animation supervisor for episode three, and is able to stabilize things a bit. However, as soon as one hardship leads to another. While at the episode four dubbing, Aoi is present when the director and animation director are discussing retakes. The director is moved by one of the voice actor's performances, and starts talking about the scene not being right.


On top of being in charge of episode 4, Aoi is now also tasked with episode 9. Despite being a newbie and full of doubt, she manages to complete every task asked of her. However, when Honda asks her to report on her progress, she panics. Even though Yano is able to calm her down a little, Aoi is faced with key frames not being delivered and an animator not finishing his cut in time.

4I Totally Messed Up

A girl is suggestively moaning on the train. Shizuka is a newbie voice actor who was practicing her lines on the train on the way to her first audition. Once she gets to the after recording session, she sees that a very popular voice actress is auditioning for the same role, and this causes her to panic.

5Those Who Blame Others Should Just Quit!

The incident happened at Musashino Animation. Tarou tells Aoi about why Endou is so mad. The reason was an explosion scene that was supposed to be hand drawn was now going to be done in 3D. Tarou was supposed to tell Endou about the change, but the way he tells him ends up setting off a whole new problem.

6Idepon Miyamori: On the Move

The situation with Endou actually ends up affecting one of the episodes that Aoi is in charge of. Without any other choice, she finally goes to Honda. They try to get the final decision from the director, but he's nowhere to be found in the studio. They can't even get a hold of Endou, so Tarou goes to his house...

7Retake With Cats

Aoi heads to work flustered, as she finds out that her older sister is coming to visit. When she gets to the office, she finds out one of her seniors is leaving the company, and Aoi is shocked. Aoi goes to get the key frames from Ema while there's a lot on her mind.

8I'm Not Criticizing You or Anything

Because of Ochiai leaving, Aoi starts to think about her future as well. She goes to Segawa-san's house and asks what she thinks about Ema's drawings now, after the harsh criticism she had prior. Meanwhile, in the studio, Ema was flustered. She can't draw a realistic cat.

9What Do You Think I Was Trying to Say?

Director Kinoshita's storyboards seem to never finish, and Musashino Animation is in a panic. Aoi thinks about how many days they have until the delivery of goods and gets frazzled. Around the same time, Misa was troubled, as well.

10Just One More

Aoi goes to deliver a tribal instrument to the sound studio. When she arrives, she is pulled aside and is forced to wear high heels. She then finds out it's to record sound effects, so she decides to help out. However, apparently just walking normally isn't all that the job asks for. Next, she is asked to howl...

11The Little Key Frames Girl

With the time limit drawing nearer, Aoi tries to distribute the remaining key frames of the last episode to animators. However, she is having a hard time finding someone to take the more difficult cuts. She then tries to go to other companies to see if they'll take the frames. One of them happens to be a company she interviewed at and didn't get the job.

12Exodus Christmas

In a hurry, Aoi arrives at Kanno's house. However, she gets there without knowing very much about Kanno and realizes that it was rather rude for her to ask him to do some key frames for her. As she apologizes, Kanno gives her some advice.

13What Kind of Cloud Do You Like?

Musashino animation gets put in charge of the popular series, "Third Aerial Girls Squad." This opportunity for Musani is actually an opportunity for Aoi, as well. Nabe-P explains her new role to her, and she can't help but feel pressure.

14The Ruthless Audition Meeting!

A meeting about "Third Aerial Girls Squad" was happening at Musashino Animation that day. Various people were trying to push their own talent based on everything other than talent.

15Will These Drawings Work?

After finishing the party to welcome the new employees, Musashino Animation dives into production for "Third Aerial Girls Squad." Aoi does her best as the new production desk, while the new employees, Satou and Andou also do their best at their new jobs.

16Table Flip

Iguchi is shocked to learn that the author hasn't accepted her character designs. They try to ask what specifically is wrong, but can't seem to get a straight answer.

17Where Am I?

The news of "Third Aerial Girls Squad" becoming an anime is spreading more and more. Meanwhile, a new dilemma hits Musani: They must make a promotional video. Despite things already not going very smoothly, the video has to be done, so Satou and Andou go on the move.

18You Tricked Me!

The after recording for "Third Aerial Girls Squad" has started. However, Suzuki, who plays the protagonist, is so nervous that she can't act naturally, and has to stay later. However, with the help of the sound producer, she is able to overcome it

19Did You Catch Any?

Aoi starts feeling panicked about all of the problems, and that's when Yano comes back to work. Yano first goes to Studio Titanic and takes over things there.

20I'll Do My Best, Mustang!

Musani is troubled with the scenario for the last episode of "Third Aerial Girls Squad." During the meeting, they talk about what they're going to do with the story, and somehow also get into the topic of why they are all making anime.

21Don't Hold the Quality Hostage

Misa's 3DCG company ends up working on a certain cut for "Third Aerial Girls Squad." Ema also ends up working on that same cut, so they end up working togther. In order to get a better idea for the cut, Misa goes to an amusement park with Ema and Shizuka.

22Noa's in Her Underwear.

Things with "Third Aerial Girls Squad" gets rather busy for everyone at Musashino Animation. Iguchi suggests that Ema should be the supervising animator assistant on the final episode, which makes Aoi really happy, but Ema herself seems to lack confidence.

23Table Flip Continued

Facing Musani's biggest problem yet, the producers head to Yotaka Booksellers. However, despire their desperate pleas to see the creator of "Aerial Girls," the editor-in-chief and Chazawa decline. Musani is forced to stop all production.

24The Delivery That Was Too Far Off

Finally, the time has come to deliver the final episode of "Third Aerial Girls Squad." Will Aoi and the others be able to get them delivered to all of the stations in time for broadcast?