Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (2017)

25mMistério, Action & Adventure, Animação, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A civilização está morta, mas Chito e Yuuri ainda estão vivas. Elas sobem a bordo de sua amada moto Kettenkrad e vagarosamente vagam pelas ruínas do mundo que já conheceram. Dia após dia sem esperança, elas procuram sua próxima refeição e abastecem seu transporte. Mas enquanto as duas estiverem juntas, até uma existência tão sombria como a delas tem um ou dois raios de luz, quer estejam sugando sua sopa ou caçando peças. Para as duas meninas em um mundo cheio de nada, as experiências e os sentimentos que compartilham lhes dão motivo para viver...


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1Starry Sky / War

Yuuri and Chito make it out of the dark cavern on their Kettenkrad but what will they find on the outside?

2Bath / Journal / Laundry

Yuuri and Chito make their way through snow packed plains and begin to freeze. Will they be offered a reprieve from the cold?

3Encounter / City / Streetlights

Yuuri and Chito meet another person after he almost accidentally kills them. Will they help him with his request?

4Photograph / Temple

Chito and Yuuri are fixated on using their photograph machine, but they can't seem to get it to work. As they travel, they find a long forgotten temple.

5House / Nap / The Sound of Rain

The girls continue to explore the ruins and they come across a house. Meanwhile, they take a nap which triggers some strange dreams.

6Accident / Technology / Takeoff

An odd person with some ambitious goals enters into Chito and Yuuri's journey. She is willing to help them but only if they will help her in return.

7Labyrinth / Cooking

Stuck in a labyrinth of pipes, the girls struggle to find their way out. Meanwhile, they look to make some food for themselves. What do they come up with?

8Memories / Spiral / Moonlight

The girls continue their journey as they venture into the unknown. With heartfelt conversations, they find out more than they bargained for.

9Technology / Aquarium / Life

The girls end up in a new facility where they meet a maintenance robot. With a fish and a lonely robot, they find the meaning of what it means for something to be alive.

10Train / Wavelength / Capture

Yuuri and Chito explore the ruins of an old town and are left puzzled with the little relics that are left behind.

11Culture / Destruction / The Past

As they continue their exploration, the girls run into some interesting creatures, and are left wandering an old weapons facility.

12Connection / Friends

The girls discuss their realization of loneliness but still have dreams of getting to the next level with an aspiration of reaching the moon one day.